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This Baby Girl Thinks That Tablets And Tonics Are Her Food

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Ever since she was just 15 days old, Bhavya’s baby girl has only known pain. Bhavya’s baby has a serious condition because of which she doesn’t have the hormones that produce calcium in her body. She has seizures every time her calcium is low and is rushed to the hospital. Bhavya’s baby is now 10-months-old and has been to the ICU thrice due to her critical condition. She needs medicines and injections every day. Without which, her heart will stop beating. Bhavya and Chandramohan can’t afford her treatment any longer, but stopping it only means one thing – losing their only child.

The little one has seizures often and is rushed to the hospital

Bhavya’s baby has congenital hypoparathyroidism which is the decreased functioning of the parathyroid gland that in turn leads to decreased calcium levels in the body. This is life-threatening for the baby. When Bhavya and Chandramohan took her to the doctor, they were told that her calcium level was zero.

“If calcium increases, it could be dangerous for her kidneys. If calcium decreases, she will have seizures and her heart will stop beating. It’s very important to keep her calcium levels balanced otherwise it can be a threat to her life. She needs three injections every single day and has to take nine medicines. She cries so much every day. With every injection I know she’s in pain, but it’s only making her better. Sadly, this is the only life my baby has known.”

Bhavya gives her the injections herself at home and takes her for a blood test every two days. Her baby needs these medicines and injections to survive. They’re acting as the hormones that are missing in her body and help in maintaining the balance. Without these, the little one risks getting seizures and eventually, lose her life. Bhavya and Chandramohan are trying their best to keep her treatment going, but find themselves helpless.

Bhavya’s baby thinks that medicines are her food because it's the only life she has known

“I remember the first time her calcium dropped, and we rushed her to the hospital. She was given drips and her arm had swollen up so much. All she did was cry. Ever since then, medicines have been keeping her going. My baby thinks that tablets and tonics are her food. She refuses to eat normal food. I hope no parent has to go through this where the only life that their baby has known is filled with trips to the hospital, injections and medicines. We haven’t even named her yet because our only focus has been her health. I can’t think of anything else but saving her right now. That’s my priority. I will take care of her all my life, but I just want her to be healthy. I want to see my baby smile.”

Their baby needs medicines and injections to survive, but her parents have exhausted all their savings 

It’s been 10 long months for Bhavya, Chandramohan and their baby girl. Along with the increase in the number of medicines, their daily medical expenses have also risen over time. Bhavya and Chandramohan have exhausted all their savings in their baby’s treatment so far. Even after selling all the jewellery that they had, they can’t afford to continue treatment.

“Stopping our baby’s treatment only means that we’re pushing her closer to death. It’s a thought that haunts me every single day, so I know we can’t give up no matter what, but we’re running out of time and options. She is admitted to the hospital every few weeks, she needs all these medicines and injections to keep her alive, and our poverty is the only thing standing in the way of her being saved.”

How You Can Help

Chandramohan works as a security guard and even if he works tirelessly for days, he can’t afford the 5 lakhs needed for his baby’s treatment. They have seen their baby girl suffer all these months and just want to give her the life they had imagined for her. Bhavya’s baby must continue her treatment to stay alive and have a chance of a future.

Your support can save Bhavya’s baby’s life.

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