6-month-old Syed Has Only 10 Days To Get A Liver Transplant

This little bundle of joy, Baby Syed, who is only 6-months old is suffering in pain owing to a severe liver disease called end-stage liver disease.

What is End-stage Liver Disease?
End-stage liver disease is a chronic liver disease which causes the persistent deterioration of the liver. If not treated urgently it can become very critical and cause inflammation of the stomach, high receptivity to infection.
 Baby Syed needs to undergo a liver transplant immediately

Baby Syed has been advised to urgently undergo a liver transplant and his father has agreed to be a donor. The total cost of the liver transplant is around 20 lakh Rs.

Baby Syed is the second child of Azamathulla and Aysha, from Bhatkal, Karnataka. Three months back, his parents noticed that his body turned yellowish and they were terrified. He was already taking medication for low appetite and nausea. Many tests and scan, his liver disease was diagnosed. The only cure is a liver transplant. 

“I wish I had fallen sick instead of my children. Even if I let myself down, I never ever want to let my children down. They are innocent and faultless. It is my responsibility to save my child at any cost. I am doing all that I can but what scares me is the time. I have very little time left to save my child”
Azamathulla and Aysha have rented out a room in Chennai for Syed’s treatment. Their first son who is also only 18-months-old is back home with his grandmother. Aysha is devastated about her son’s condition. She is finding it hard to come to terms with the reality that her happy, bubbly baby does not have time.

Unfortunately, 20 lakhs is far too high for Syed's family who are worried that if they cant pay for the treatment they may lose their son. He has sold off everything expensive that they had and exhausted his savings. Now he has gone back to home to do the paperwork for the surgery. The doctor has given him 10 days to do the surgery and in this time, he has to arrange money for the surgery.

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Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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7th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Baby Syed.
Baby Syed is currently at home and is under medication. Since a few days, he is not doing quite well and has been crying all the time, depriving him of sleep.

The doctors will schedule the liver transplant by the November second or third week, on the completion of paper works.

Thank you for your support and love.
Syed Azmatullah

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