Help This 1-Month-Old Baby Who Is Fighting For His Life In The ICU

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“We named our baby Yash. We’re hopeful he’ll get better soon. Giving up is not an option right now. We’re eagerly waiting to hold him and take him home, but we can only do that if he gets the full treatment he needs and is out of danger.”

Lata’s baby boy was born extremely premature on January 14, and was taken to the ICU soon after his birth. He was unable to breathe on his own and was on ventilator support for 5 days. Lata’s baby is now off ventilator support but is still not strong enough to breathe on his own yet or fight infections. He can be completely out of danger if he gets the right care. This will only be possible if he stays in the ICU for the next 10 weeks. Unfortunately, Lata and Suresh don’t know how long they can continue his treatment.

Their baby boy was only 730 grams when he was born

Lata and Suresh's baby was born in the sixth month of her pregnancy and was only 730 grams. His life was in grave danger due to his underdeveloped lungs. Seconds after his birth, he was taken to the ICU as he was struggling to breathe.

“Soon after his birth, he was taken away from us. I didn't even know if he was going to make it. But Yash is strong. He came out of it and is only getting better as the days are going by.”

Lata and Suresh go to the hospital every day to see their little baby. Although Lata is weak after the delivery, seeing her son alive and getting better, keeps her going. Lata hopes that with continued treatment, she will be able to take baby Yash home and give him the normal, healthy and carefree childhood that he deserves.

Their baby risks life-threatening infections without continued ICU care

Lata’s baby was born with respiratory distress. Every breath was a struggle for him. His little chest rattled every time he tried to breathe. Now, he is better but risks developing life-threatening infections without medication and ICU care. The baby needs to be protected from even the smallest infection since it can put his life at risk.

Lata is devastated to see her son in so much pain. She can’t wait for the day when her son is in her arms and she doesn’t have to worry about losing him any moment.

Fortunately, Lata's baby has made considerable progress in this one month and his weight has gone up to 1 kg now. He still needs to be fed through a tube, but the doctors are positive about his recovery with continued treatment. However, despite Lata and Suresh’s best attempts, they just can’t find a way to afford their little baby’s treatment. 

The father had to close shop and is now struggling to pay for the baby's treatment

Suresh had a small mobile service and recharge shop in Borivali, Mumbai which he had to close due to the expensive rent. Now, he helps out in his brother’s shop whenever he’s not in the hospital, but his income is not enough to cover their baby's medical bills. 

“My husband is working very hard to try and pay for our baby’s treatment. We somehow managed to spend 1 lakh for his treatment, but that’s nowhere close to being enough. Our baby needs 12 lakhs to stay in the ICU for the next 10 weeks. I don’t know how we can afford so much.”

How You Can Help

It’s crucial for Lata’s baby to stay in the ICU for the next 10 weeks. He needs to get stronger before he can go out in the real world and live a life beyond the hospital walls. Lata and Suresh can’t afford to continue his treatment further and are desperately looking for any help they can get. Their baby has fought hard to make it so far, but he needs your help to stay in the ICU longer and get the treatment he needs.

Your support can save Lata's baby. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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