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Can one believe that how just a few words from doctors can change the life of a person and his loved ones suddenly.

So is the story here of my Father who is fighting cancer in his last stage.

It's just because of the doctors who we have to trust blindly as a God in these situations,

It goes back in the month of February when first pain occurred in his abdomen region, just like anyone else we all though it might be some kind of gastric problem that any 57 years old person might face.

So we referred to a general physician and it was going all well then but it had hardly been a week when the pain again started and this time it was not any simple stomach pain but a pain which took away his sleep and rest.

From that time onward it was just like he was the captive of the pain where he used to keep a stack of pillows in front of him every night at 8pm and keep the head down over the stack and be all night just like that.

It went months like that and we ran to every good hospital in the country

Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata
Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad  to name a few,

and also to every renowned doctors of that particular domain

But all we used to get was a long prescription with a list of medicines and advice to keep this going for at least 2 months for proper healing to occur

We had no choice but to accept as this was coming from all the top level and renowned doctors and surgeons.

In the month of June, we came to Global Hospitals, Mumbai where in just three days they actually understood what's going on with the patient.

The doctor said " You are late, he is having a 4th stage pancreatic cancer which cannot be cured permanently as it has spread to other parts also, he has maximum of 5 to 6 months left or if you opt for chemotherapy the time may extent to about one and a half year"

We then went to Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai in search of a light of hope, but the doctor there also gave his final words.

We couldn't tell him exactly that he won't be there with us after a year or two.

He just knows that he is having a cancer whose treatment is going on and will be cured completely with next few months.

Current Situation

Presently, he is in pune at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, going through chemotherapy.

The doctor here said that he will provide the chemotherapy but there will be a small catch,

As his body has gone very weak already so full dose of chemo cannot be provided at once

Hence a dose of 2 chemos will be divided into three so a max of 18 chemos have to be given.
Currently 3 chemos have already been given to him and his situation is such that he cannot  move out of the hospital.
He is in total supervision in the hospital as he needs two person just to move him from bed to the bathroom.

Financial Situation

As the body has gone very weak, also because of low platelets and hemoglobin  the body needs around 12 to 16 packs of RDPs ( Random Donor Platelets ), a week (7 days) of bed rest in hospital with liquid infusion from IC for a single chemotherapy which costs around 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakhs.
As three chemos have already been given so 8 to 9 lakhs have already been spent out which around 2.5 lakhs have been recovered from the insurance (Bajaj Allianz)

But this was just the beginning, 15 more such sets are required.

Which will cause around 20 to 30 lakhs, which itself is a huge amount for a middle class man.

How you can HELP

The total estimation left is around 20 Lakhs from which we have already accumulated 8 to 10 lakhs from wherever we could.

Around 10 lakhs is required to complete the process and him to live peacefully in the time he has left wih him.

" Nothing is more great than let a person live his life"

Know HIM

You might have understood the disease and situtation but you must also understand the man.

He is a man who stays in hearts of many in his society, 
A person who organizes bhandaras, iftaar parties and langars as well irrespective of his religion
A person who give clothes to wear to the needy
A person who always keeps his family as his priority than anyone else.

What he only wishes for is to see his sons getting married in front of his eyes.
The last time he smiled, when he heard about the marriage proposal for his elder son.

Shouldn't the person  get any chance to live his wish who has always made everyone else wishes come true?

Your donation can make a person wish come true, a final smile on his face of his lifetime.

Biopsy report showing the positive signs of presence of Cancer cells
Biopsy report showing the positive signs of presence of Cancer cells
Discharge Summary which shoes Positive signs of Pancreatic cancers
Discharge Summary which shoes Positive signs of Pancreatic cancers
Ultrasonography of Abdomen shows lesions in pancreas
Ultrasonography of Abdomen shows lesions in pancreas

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