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I am fundraising to bring help for HIV infected orphan chindrens
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What Is Arunodaya Trust?

  • At Arunodaya Trust we aim to help orphans all over the Telangana & Andhra Pradesh.To relieve their suffering and to give them a brighter future. We want to "send them a little hope."
  • Every day over 6,000 children are orphaned, these children desperately need our help. We understand that we cannot help everyone, but by helping rebuild and renovating orphanages giving orphans a safe place to stay can mean all the difference to those most in need.
  • We aim to raise the standard of living for orphans around the world by providing clean water, proper sanitation, medication, clothing and education, this will allow all orphans to realize their birthright of living a happy life by developing their potential and paving their way to adulthood.
  • We see education as the road to lead orphans out of the life of hardship and will put great emphasis on learning through play, and vocational training which will see children ready to enter adulthood and provide for themselves and their families.
  • Only education can end this cycle, which sees generation after generation living in such terrible conditions. Children are our future, so with your help  and generosity we can ensure that orphans will see a better tomorrow.

Our Main Aims

The stated objectives of the organization are as below:

  • Educate, train and motivate people to be of help and assistance to the poor and the Arunodaya Trusty
  • Undertake social service schemes for the benefit of the poor, orphaned, destitute, street children, alcoholics, drug addicts, the differently abled, mentally challenged and those suffering from terminal diseases
  • Establish, equip, maintain, conduct, run, develop, improve and extend trade cells, cottage industries, production units and the like for the benefit of the poor, marginalized, neglected and the differently abled
  • Cooperate with the government and non-governmental agencies in carrying out charitable and relief work
  • Organize and assist in organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, conventions, conferences, workshops, etc. on subjects of academic interest
  • Establish, equip, maintain, conduct, run, develop, improve and extend hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, medical laboratories, research units and other institutions offering treatment, cure, rest, recuperation and medical relief including relief to the differently abled and the mentally challenged
  • Provide food, clothing, shelter and cash grants to the poor, the orphaned and others in Arunodaya Trust and make grants for the support of inmates of orphanages, rescue homes, rehabilitation centres and similar institutions
  • Work in partnership with and support other groups and organizations who subscribe to these aims and objectives

History And Background

ARUNODAYA TRUST works in the Andhra Pradesh of India and is currently one of the Grass root NGO's in India. It was founded by a group of development activists and social workers who had a background in rural development. Its unique genesis resulted in two advantages for the foundation of the organization; it initiated its program with people possessing prior field experience and owing to the specific background it inherited a broad and comprehensive outlook encompassing a socio-economic and environmental development perspective. In 2008 ARUNODAYA TRUST started its activities initially taking the rural wage issues of agro-based labour, women's and child rights through a rights-based approach. These approaches were upheld by the organization in its later programs.

Organizational Beliefs

ARUNODAYA TRUST has similar beliefs to those for which it was initially founded. These include issues related to wage movement, land rights, livelihoods, food security & good health, women's rights, empowerment, fundamentalism, injustice and market exploitation. It is ARUNODAYA TRUST's perception that poverty is created by many interconnected and interdependent problems. ARUNODAYA TRUST believes that the bonds between these problems can only be broken and development made truly sustainable by addressing many of the issues simultaneously. Most NGO's have chosen to specialize their expertise in one or two areas but ARUNODAYA TRUST has retained its emphasis on the holistic approach. ARUNODAYA TRUST believes it must work in all sectors of the development context as shown in the diagram to be effective and sustainable.

Furthermore, ARUNODAYA TRUST believes that the community will only truly embrace development if they themselves identify their Arunodaya Trusts and lead the process of change.

ARUNODAYA TRUST takes a very strong stand against corruption and bribery. It is not open to either giving or receiving bribes. ARUNODAYA TRUST's stand in this area is now widely recognized in the community. ARUNODAYA TRUST encourages other organisations to follow its lead.

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