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Help Us Create An Art Room For 100 Girls In Mumbai
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The arts are being cut from schools and yet all the research shows that when teens’ creativity and imaginations are fortified, they excel and stay in school longer as well as develop the necessary skills for future success. And girls, well, read the recent articles on the Confidence Gap in women. If we are going to close that, we need to start with young girls. NOW.

We believe that a girl’s imagination is a right and not a privilege. And, if we don’t fight to protect it, the next generation (of women and men) will suffer.

Still on the fence? Then read below and just try to resist us. From non-cognitive skills to Connected Learning to a lot of smart people talking about the importance of imagination, it’s all there. So join the fight for girls’ imaginations!

As we like to say, the future is spelled G I R L

Through this program, we want to:              
  • Change the way girls value themselves and teach them to Be Loud                               
  • Create a world where girls don’t ask for permission                                                   
  • Promote and protect girls’ imaginations
A peer-to-peer, self-directed learning lab, ART ROOM is dedicated to activating girls’ imaginations through entertainment, education and community.


Everything! Our goal is to make entertainment more educational rather than education more entertaining. Therefore, ART ROOM will be part classroom and part content platform with original programming, created by both teens and professionals, to engage and inspire imagination.

AND WHAT EXACTLY IS BEING LOUD                                                                                   
Being Loud is a philosophy, a battle cry, a habit of mind. Being Loud is demanding to be seen and heard. Embracing every part of you — the messy and the neat. Being Loud is being colorful, curious, compassionate, creative, courageous and confident.

SO HOW WILL WE DO THIS ?                                         

ART ROOM will create a place where girls can exercise their imagination without judgment or measure.

A place where they expect and demand. Where imagination is a right and not a privilege. Where girls celebrate, and are celebrated for, Being Loud. Where rather than waiting for the world to recognize their value, they recognize it, themselves.

Feminist, optimist, scientist, artist, our girl is everything and anything. But the one thing all ART ROOM girls share is a belief that girls constitute a revolutionary soul force that can, and will, change the world for real.

WHY IMAGINATION ?                                                                                                        
“To know is nothing at all, to imagine is everything”

Imagination and its partner in crime, creativity, are critical components of non-cognitive skills which research shows are greater indicators of future success than, even, IQ. Qualities like tenacity, optimism, self-expression, curiosity, empathy and self-confidence are developed and strengthened through creativity and imagination.

By exercising their imaginations, girls become more comfortable with risk and failure, develop a stronger sense of self and, in turn, overcome social, cultural, political and physical obstacles, with optimism and confidence.

The good : Students with high involvement in the arts, including minority and low-income students, perform better in school and stay in school longer than students with low involvement or none. They learn a remarkable array of mental habits (skills like persistence, expression, observing, envisioning and innovating through exploration) not emphasized elsewhere in school

An arts-rich environment produces:                       
  • Student achievement across disciplines       
  • Student motivation and engagement               
  • Development of critical and creative thinking, problem solving and integration of multiple skill sets                                                                 
  • Development of social competencies including collaboration, self-confidence and tolerance
Creativity is as important in education as is literacy and we should treat it with the same status.

The bad and the ugly: Budgeting to hire arts and cultural organizations to provide arts education services directly to students has never existed.

Surveys find that schools are narrowing curriculum, shifting instructional time and resources toward math and science and away from subjects such as art, music, foreign language. 86% of teachers polled say that other subjects "get crowded out by extra attention being paid to math or science."

Arts instruction in schools is on a downward trend. Just when they need it most, the classroom tasks and tools that could best reach and inspire these students – art, music, movement and performing – are less available to them.

NON-COGNITIVE… HUH ?                                               

To change the face of education we suggested we look into these magical skills. They matter. BIG TIME. Forget about their impact on future success (academic, economic, social) or that they directly contribute to teens finishing high school. These skills can help in closing what has been coined the Confidence Gap in girls. Sorry, not close… eliminate.

Think of imagination and the resulting non-cognitive skills as preventative medicine. Girls who are fortified with optimism, self-confidence, curiosity and tenacity.

We are purely extracurricular and a complement to girls’ education. As we like to say, ART ROOM is less education reform and more entertainment reform.

ART ROOM is a place where girls decide how and when to learn.

100 girls  in  all,  6 community  spaces,  6 exhibitions,  6 publications

INR 3,00,000  is  what  we  are  trying  to  raise,  INR 3,000  will  sponsor  one  girl.

find  more  about  us,  we  are  'dharaviartroom'  on  facebook,  instagram  and  twitter

Happy  to  have  you  on  our  side !

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