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Cancer Will Make My Baby Blind If He Does Not Get Treatment
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 Arjun is my youngest child. He just turned two this year. He is the apple of our eyes. I thank God for blessing me with wonderful children. My son Rahul (6) and Reshma (4) adore their little brother. At the sight of them playing together and caring for each other, I forget all the sorrows and pain in my life. My children give me strength.

2-year-old Arjun is battling eye cancer

Despite our poverty, my house is filled with the laughter of my children. But the environment at home has changed in the last six months. Arjun has eye cancer and this has robbed all our happiness. I don't know if his siblings understand the nature of the disease, but they feel sad for their little brother and talk in scared, quiet voices at home.

Six months ago, I noticed a different reflection in his right eye. It was always weak - with fewer movements. I took him to a hospital thinking it was probably a viral infection. I was unprepared to hear those dreaded words. I was shattered when they told me that my son had lost sight in his right eye. Moreover, he needs chemotherapy to cure cancer. Any delay would lead to complete blindness.

Arjun lost his eye sight in his right eye

How can any mother bear this? He is at that age when children get excited at the things they see. They point - they want to go get a closer look. The very thought of my son losing his eye sight and living in darkness for the rest of his life is choking me to death.

I am scared of chemotherapy. How can his little body bear the pain? Yet, my baby has gone through four rounds of chemotherapy and needs four more. After the last one, he got infections in his chest and we were forced to stop. He can't eat properly and cries from unbearable stomach pain. He pleads with me to take him home. I have lost my words to console him. I can't bear to see him like this.

Arjun needs 4 more rounds of chemotherapy

The cancer in his eye is now visible.  When my daughter Reshma saw him in the hospital she immediately said she will give her eyes to her brother. I was taken aback. Then I fought back tears. Even his 4-year-old sister can't bear to see him like that. My other two children are not eating and refuse to sleep without their brother. They keep asking me when he will come back home.

Reshma and Arjun

How can I say that I do not have enough money to give him treatment? Will my kids ever forgive me? What if he loses his eyes because of my poverty? How can I carry that guilt and pain? What will happen to his future?  I can't escape these thoughts even for a moment.

Arjun's parents are struggling to save him

How can you help

My husband is a daily-wage worker. He earns Rs 400-500  per day on an average. We are living a hand-to-mouth life. My eldest son is 6-year-old now but we haven't put him in school yet because we don't have the time or money. We have spent all that we had for Arjun's treatment. I do not have anything left. I'm relying on your help. It would be terrible if my son loses his eye sight. He needs to continue his treatment. Treatment requires Rs 3 lakhs. Please save his life.

Your contribution can save Arjun from turning completely blind!

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