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Help Anjali buy a rescue van for saving stray dogs

Moving from Delhi to Chennai 20 years ago to pursue a career was not an easy decision for Anjali. What made her stay back in Chennai was a special love for homeless dogs. She found them wherever she went, on roadsides, by the garbage bins; sometimes injured, lost and hungry but always affectionate and with a wagging tail. Anjali took them under her wing and has them all in her home today. “The space is cramped. I had a room (on stilts) constructed for them. Another room like this one would make things quite manageable. There are many dogs out there who’d like shelter and regular nourishment. I’d like to help them out as well,” she says.

She feeds and medicates all of her dogs and does birth control surgery. Space is always a challenge but Anjali loves her service to these homeless creatures.

Anjali's work does not end with simply feeding these dogs and giving them a place to live; birth control of stray dogs is another important aspect of her work. “It is important to control their population,” she says, adding that doctors from People for Animals (PFA) and private vets help with this. When she sees a stray dog that is not neutered, she takes them in her Maruti Omni rescue van and brings them in for birth control. With age, the van has outlasted its utility and Anjali is looking to purchase another vehicle that will make her task a little easier. "It gets very difficult to control the dogs in this van; they are agitated, there's little room and I'm just a single person who has to control them and keep my eye on the road," says Anjali. She is on the lookout to exchange her van for a new Maruti Eeco. "A larger van will make my job a little easier," adds Anjali.

Anjali has made a mission out of providing a home for the homeless dogs. These homeless dogs are a part of her family and she a part of theirs.

Your support for Anjali will help her purchase a new rescue van and make her selfless mission a little easier.

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20th September 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Uthra Nagarajan, a Milaap Fellow. I recently got an opportunity to meet Anjali Sharma, who is raising funds to buy a Maruti Eeco van to aid stray animals in the city. I met her at Harrington Road in Chennai, a place she frequents to feed the 30-odd strays in the area. 

Her first customer that Wednesday evening was a black dog which bounded near us as soon as she saw Anjali. She took out some food from the back, which had 6-7 vats of different dishes. Barbeque Nation in T. Nagar provides her the food, which she then separates – there is naan, gravy, fish, prawn, and more. After feeding a few strays in T. Nagar, Anjali comes to Harrington Road to feed more of them.

Anjali’s daily routine is not a surprise to the locals in these two areas; she is a familiar face, the woman who loves and feeds the strays. Having shifted base decades ago, Anjali started feeding strays right after she came to Chennai. “I have changed quite a few jobs and it was a job that brought me here,” she recalled. 

As passionate as she was about offering a safe haven and good food to strays, she found it as difficult to find a house that would allow her to nurture and take care of them. Finally, her parents and sister came together and bought her a house in Red Hills, a little away from hubbub of the city. She now has a shelter for strays which she can call her own, housing around 90-100 dogs. “My recent additions were a pup I found near a Transformer and an old, blind dog,” she smiled. “I never say no to old dogs.” She is currently a freelance worker and has a maid and a watchman for company. She is very particular about neutering the strays and elaborated that the process of neutering is an ongoing one at her shelter. Anjali feeds all of them out of her own pocket and a few friends and acquaintances pitch in as well.   

I asked Anjali about the dire need of the hour – a new van for her to go around the city and help more strays. “My old van is pretty beat and I’m eyeing a Maruti Eeco to buy,” she said. “The campaign has raised only a fraction of the amount I need, and I hope I hit the goal soon. The strays in the city are the ultimate beneficiaries here and a good van to transport them would really help the cause.”   

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Appreciate the good and kind work

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