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Help Indian National Women Ice Hockey Team Reach Taipei

Why are we fundraising?

This is an effort to raise funds for the first ever Indian Nation Women’s Ice hockey team which will be participating in the 2016 IIHF ICE HOCKEY WOMENS CHALLENGE CUP OF ASIA in Taipei starting March 26th.

Ladakh, situated in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, in the high Tibetan plateau is the only place where Ice hockey is a major Sport. So it comes as no surprise that all the national players belong to this region of the north. Though the Indian men’s team has been participating in International events for many years now, this is the first ever women’s team assembled to represent India at an International event. For many decades Ice hockey was predominantly a Men’s sport. SECMOL alternative school took the initiative to promote Women’s ice hockey back in 2002 and for the last 15 years has been actively supporting the cause. In fact, 11 of the 28 players selected for the National team are either present students or Alumni of SECMOL.

The Ice Hockey Association of India-IHAI, the national governing body for Ice Hockey in India says that their funds are insufficient and hence has told each player to raise Rs15000 ($250) or more for them to travel with the team. Many of these players come from remote villages of Ladakh and have hard time convincing their parents to let them travel abroad. With them being asked to raise Rs15000 which is more than a family’s monthly income, the situation becomes even tougher.

This is the Indian national team comprising entirely of Ladakhi Women, who prepare their own Ice rinks on frozen lakes during winters. They train and play at an altitude of above 11000ft (3500m) where temperatures go below -20C. Their efforts need to be appreciated and recognised.

So, I request all those reading this to donate generously and spread the word. 

Lets rally behind them because,

What do we plan to do with the funds?

This Crowd funding has been initiated by SECMOL alternative school. We have been involved with Ice Hockey, specifically women’s Ice hockey for more than a decade now. Though the immediate need is to provide the 28 players with Rs 15000 (USD 250) each, we are looking to raise more funds & support the larger cause of betterment of women’s ice hockey in India. So, any additional funds will be used to further the initiative of women’s ice hockey in collaboration with Ladakh Women’s Ice Hockey Foundation, which is a registered NGO comprising mostly of the Players themselves.

  • TAIPAE 2016:   We have set a humble initial target of minimum Rs 5 lakh or USD 8000 to support the immediate needs of the national team to reach Taipae.
  • VISION 2020:  But our hope is that we can reach Rs10 lakh or USD16000, which will be used for an ambitious programme of training very young girls of 13 or less, so that by 2020 India has  a most formidable women's ice hockey team. Apart from training camps and expensive hockey gear we will need to bring professional coaches.
  • SOLVING THE ROOT PROBLEM:  Still it would be difficult for our girls to compete internationally due to the three month's ice season in Ladakh. As a long term solution we would like to build an innovative low cost all-season  ice-roller combination rink at SECMOL Campus which already has residential facilities for rural girls. This would require additional funds of at least Rs 10 lakhs (USD16000).  So if the donors surprise us pleasantly with their generosity, even this project can be taken up and completed by next winter.
With 25 years of experience in executing projects with utmost transparency and accountability SECMOL assures you that every penny you contribute will be put to good use. Donors shall be kept informed about the activities taking place via our mail or Facebook. The donations and their usage shall be posted on our website on a half yearly basis. 

  • First 500 donations of above Rs2000 or USD40 shall receive beautiful frameable Thank You cards, signed personally by the Players of the Indian National Women's Ice hockey Team.
  • Donations above Rs10,000 will receive a Ladakhi traditional gift along with the abovementioned signed Thank You card.

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30th May 2016
Dear supporters,

It's been a while since we have updated you all on the teams progress and we sincerely apologize for that. Ladakh has had intermittent Internet for over 2 weeks and it's been hard to share the updates. 

The Indian women's ice hockey team left for Taipei on March 20th. The expenses were covered, thanks to the generous donations by all you kind people.
While at Taipei they played 4 games against the other Asian teams. Though they lost all 4 games, it was a moral boosting trip as they did end up scoring goals against better prepared teams. But this is just the start and surely the girls will get better year after year.  
Our player Noor Jahan was named best goaltender of the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey Women's Challenge Cup of Asia Division I in Taipei City. Here's the link to the interview
The exact statistics from the games are here
We apologize again for not being able to update you guys on time.
Thanks you so much for your support.

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