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A. Project Summary-Ahilya Bahuddeshiya Shikshan Prasarak Mandal is working for the uplifment of the poor students. We provide technical education, vocational education and health awareness. Our target group is poor and needy students and backward people from the slums of Latur city from India. We are training to the students to generate wealth form the waste, skills on tailoring, and computer education. The aim of running such courses is to develop the tools of livelihood for needy and poor students. Along with the traditional education we are conducting the extra coaching to these students so that simultaneously they should be ready to absorb both skills and knowledge to prepare them to earn as soon as they get their degrees. It is just because their poverty doesn’t even allow them to learn a lot.  All such courses are run at the training centre developed by us at our Latur centre.

B. The issue-We want to provide training on 3 items those are 1. Tailoring  2. Computer basics and 3. Wealth from waste, these skills are based on need base study done by our organization. The tailoring enterprise is a very easy skill and can be done at their houses also after the training is over. The education in India provides knowledge but no skills. That is why many people are educated but they are without skills because of which unemployment is increasing day by day. Most probably in the district like ours which is already a backward district doesn’t have that much industries and educational facilities. So the youngsters are roaming without jobs. In the current year there is a draught like situation because of which the parents may migrate with their kids to other district. To stop this migration and to provide some skills of livelihood is the need of the hour.  

The solution-To stop the migration and the cycle of poverty it is important to provide some skill based training to these young generation who can feed their parents. If these youngsters are not trained and if they roam without job there is a possibility of increase in the social unrest and thefts and burglaries.  It is said that an empty mind is a devils workshop so we have to take care of these empty hands and minds.

C. Proposed activities-

1. Training on basic computer operations- If we give the computer to the students then they can understand the language of the modern world and can communicate and work in their offices. This is a tool of self employment also and a basic criteria of getting a job in any industry and Government. So the organization wants to set up one computer laboratory with high speed computers and printers.  MS WORD, M.S. Office and tally will be taught in this course.

2. Training on Tailoring- If we give the sewing machines to the students then they can develop some new fashions and can work on traditional fashions also. They will understand the modern needs of the generations. They can learn the language of the modern world and can communicate and work in their houses after the training. This is a tool of self employment also and they can get a job in any industry fashion or garment and corporate sectors. So the organization wants to set up one tailoring training course for these students. So also this training is also helpful for the basic needs of their own clothes stitching. If we consider that one family have 4 members and then if they stitch two dress in a year it means the person who is trained at our institute can save up to rupees two thousand per year. This is an assured income of this trained person. 

3. Training on wealth from waste- For the vocational training this trade will be provided to the students to get the knowledge of material which is normally thrown in the garbage. The students will know the importance of the things which is normally thrown in the waste and how it can be turned into a good type of wealth. Now a- days it is a world over scenario and the most thrown things are turned into tools for the handy tools. It has a market and job flexibility. Most of the new generation is using it and are in love with this tools which are developed from the waste which is based on the creativity. No matter it is some extent neglected and tricky but to the student community and for the job seekers and self employee driven people, it is a best option to go ahead with a meager capital expenditure. So we propose to conduct training on waste. After the training to our students, at least they will be in a position to start their own enterprise. Now a days there are number of malls in India also they sales almost all the things in packaging and the material used for the same is high quality. That material is very easy to reuse. The things like paper bags, wall papers, paintings, dolls and so many things will be taught to make in this trade.

D. Methodology of the project-All the above training will be of twelve months at the proposed training centre in our campus. The beneficiaries selected for this project will be male and female students. The training centre is under our entity.  For this training and the current project the brand building also done for the same. This is also one of the reasons that the organization is motivated to apply for the same. The students are taking regular education from their schools but we are their well wishers.  So it is our responsibility to make them fulfilled with some skills and vocational trainings so that after leaving our training they should get the job immediately or else they can start some small microenterprise with the skills taught over here. That is why the organization wants to give them some more technical inputs which will help them to get the employment and livelihood. Total 200 students will be admitted for these trainings. The examination of the training will be conducted at the year end. And the results will be made available for any public. The trained students will be traced and will be helped to get the jobs. All such type of documents will be maintained with the NGO.

E. Expected Impact- First of all the students will get extra knowledge with their traditional schooling. Their confidence level will be developed. They can start their own enterprise. It will be helpful to sustain the social balance of economic status of the society. The gap of rich and poor will be maintained. The life of the students will be improved and we will ge t a society with knowledge and self-dignified.  

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