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Help A Consumer Focused Startup Create Opportunities For Indian People
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Who We Are?
Aapasme, a Collaborative Consumption Company, or in more simpler words, a dedicated Consumer to Consumer Sharing Platform for products of your everyday need.
Some of the areas we focus on are:
  • Apparels
  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Bicycles
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Gaming Consoles, Gaming CDs  
  • Accessories
and anything & everything you want to share with your fellow people. It is totally upto you, whatever you want to share or sell, you can. 
We have categories and sub-categories for every section. If there isn't something, we will add it for you!


What We're Doing:

For normal day to day consumers it becomes a big deal to solve their daily problems. It becomes even more difficult to actually know what are the problems they are facing.
The Aapasme Team has identified a few key problems and came up with unique solutions to each of them.

Problem: Earning Money
Solution: We have built our website in such a way that each individual consumer can use the products he has at hand to earn a regular, recurring income while also keeping his ownership of the product! You share your product with other consumers for a limited time and you get money for that period. You can also sell new and nearly new products for good income in return.
More the Products, More the Income!

Problem: Need products for one time use and a limited period
Solution: We have on our website a wide range of products you can "Share-In" from your fellow consumers. You can use them for a very low fee, then provide it back.

Problem: Need products Urgently
Solution: The best thing is the products that you want for "Sharing" will be made available in your locality at a few minutes distance. You can walk, take the product, use then give it back. For the products you want to buy on an urgent basis, the delivery will be made within 30 mins to 2 hrs, maximum.

Problem: Vendors Problems
Solution: An average vendor wants profit and a good consumer base. Big players like Flipkart and Amazon often target Big Brands, and neglect local but good brands. We will provide each vendor their own area and own set of customers, which will be huge enough to keep them occupied around the clock.


The Main Features of Aapasme can be divided into:
1. Sharing: We believe "Sharing is Caring" and hence we have made this our prime motto.
Sharing the products via two methods:
                    • Deposit: You can ask for Deposit along with the Sharing Money
                    • Exchange: You can provide a similar product in Exchange for the product you want via Sharing. This saves your deposit money.
2. Selling: We always think about "YOU", as users of our E-Marketplace you deserve the best of things. For your convenience we have introduced "Dedicated Selling Vendors".
This is done for the benefit of both the consumers and the vendors. Our vendors are as much important to us as each and every individual customer on our site.  

                                                                                                                   We explain below the benefits to our vendors as well as our customers:



Why You Should Fund Us?
The main focus at Aapasme has always been the "Betterment and Upliftment Of Consumers". Everything that we've done so far, is for every single customer & for their growth. We do not, unlike, other start-ups focus on our growth and profit. We believe that profit of every single customer and vendor will be our growth.  We are and we continue to be a "Customer's Marketplace"
Aapasme, continues to and will always strive to bring new and innovative changes and developments to our services. This will always be done to make the life of a normal consumer easier and happier.

Please feel free to contact us at if you want to know more about why you should be funding us :D


What Will Your Funds Help Us With?
We have so far bootstrapped over 2 Lakhs ($3000) in the past 6 months for 
  • Company Registration
  • Lawyer Fees
  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Over head costs 
Your fundings will help us get more products, consumers and vendors on our site, which will directly be used to serve you.
We will also utilise the funds to 
  • Add more features on our website
  • Get website support, Updates, bug fixes etc. 
  • Add Extra Protection for the site
  • Marketing Of the Website
  • Implementing More Refined Logistics
  • Expanding Our Reach 
                                                                                                                                                  What Will An Angel Funding Us Get?




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