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Matching Campaign For Aadhityan's Liver Transplant

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Every contribution towards Aadhityan is matched by our Impact Partner, The Pravin Agarwal Fund. So every rupee becomes two, thereby helping us reach the need faster.

Aadhityan is suffering from end-stage liver cirrhosis along with biliary atresia. He has been under treatment since he was born. His father, Ranjith, is the only earning member in the family. His mother, Divya, is a homemaker.

This little boy's Misery Started Just 29 Days After Birth

When Aadhityan was less than 30 days old, his mother, Divya, noticed that there was something wrong. He cried all the time and also had fever often.

His parents spent everything they had to keep him alive till now

Divya and Ranjith reached out to his relatives for help. But no one was ready to help them. They spent their savings and kept aside Ranjith's salary for the transplant. But it was only enough to cover his medications and surgery costs, from his birth until now.

His mother has come forward to donate her liver

Aadhityan's mother has come forward to donate a portion of her liver for himThe family now needs your help so he could undergo the transplant.

Matching your donations 

A generous donor has committed to a significant amount and is also matching all donations made on Milaap. 100% of your donations will go towards the treatment and surgery.

How You Can Help

Aadhityan's parents are trying their best to arrange the funds for his transplant. But they are unable to arrange for the entire amount. They have managed to raise 2.5 lakhs. With our support, the transplant will be completed without any delay.

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