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Support Swasth & ACT Grants to procure Oxygen concentrators for India
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As India continues to fight the world’s worst second wave of COVID-19, the pandemic’s wreckage has now shifted towards India’s villages.

Swasth Alliance as well is expanding its focus beyond the current OC program, to focus on strengthening capacity in rural India. Rural India faces several unique challenges - in addition to a lack of oxygenation capabilities, it also requires more comprehensive solutions. Swasth is therefore planning to support by

  1. Providing all medical supplies needed including OCs, oximeters, PPEs etc. 
  2. Undertaking healthcare worker training to empower our frontline workers
  3. Enabling telemedicine support for patients and healthworkers

You can read more about our initiatives below:

  1. OC Program: In partnership with ACT grants are looking to procure 50,000 Oxygen Concentrators (OCs) to aid the fight against COVID-19 - read more here.
  2. Rural Program: To help India’s villages in their fight against COVID-19 - read more here

How can you help?
We are raising funds through crowd-funding, CSR grants and more. Please contribute and spread the word!

What are the costs for procurement of these devices?
The  procured OCs shall be a mix of high-flow and low-flow devices. Each high flow oxygen concentrator costs Rs. 60,000 (USD 800) and each low flow concentrator costs Rs 45,000 (USD 600). 

The rural help kits cost approximately Rs 2,900 / kit (they include an Oximeter, a digital and infrared thermometer, face shields, N95 masks, gloves etc.)
The rates of procurement are basis bulk orders placed with our suppliers.

Where and how are the OCs and Rural kits being deployed? 
The oxygen concentrators will be channelled to hospitals across levels of care that will support the response against COVID-19 as well as strengthen the health system in the longer term. The rural kits shall be supplied to the frontline workers who will in turn support the population in the villages across India.
The process of distribution is based on 3 key principles, namely:
i) Equitable distribution - Ensuring the areas and institutions in most need receive them
ii) Transparency - All details on demand and deployment shall be published on the website. For e.g. our OC dashboards can be accessed at:  
iii) Impact: Distribution to be made as rapidly as possible to save the maximum lives. The assessment of impact shall also be undertaken on a monthly basis.

Who are Swasth and ACT Grants?
Swasth is a not-for-profit alliance of healthcare providers, working with public and private health systems to coordinate their resources and response to COVID-19. Our board includes Dr Nachiket Mor, Dr CS Pramesh, Kris Gopalakrishnan, Shashank ND (Practo), Shobana Kamineni (Apollo Hospitals), Ranjan Pai (Manipal Hospitals) and Dr Ajay Nair (CEO).  Learn more @

ACT is a social change movement for the start-up ecosystem in India, enabling changemakers to give their time, talent and resources to mobilize solutions that address societal problems at scale. ACT started as a response to fight COVID-19, has now expanded its mandate to cover healthcare, education, environment, and women’s participation in the workforce. Learn more @

If you are a donor looking to contribute >Rs.5,00,000 or a company looking to deploy a CSR budget, please email us directly at Please do contribute and share the campaign link.

Frequently Asked Questions, addressed by Team Milaap

1) Are there any fees associated with the campaign?
No. Milaap is a free fundraising platform. We do not deduct any fees from your donation.  You are however welcome to make a voluntary tip to cover for our expenses, while making the donation.

2) Are there bank transfer/wire options available for international donors?
Yes, there are 2 options.  

1) For Donors outside India and USA:
You can make a transfer to the following bank account

Beneficiary Name / Milaap Social Ventures USA
Account Number / 9800991814
Type of Account / Checking
Beneficiary Address / 5335 Montrose Drive,
Dallas, TX 75209
Bank name / Evolve Bank & Trust
ABA Routing Number / 084106768
Bank Address / 6070 Poplar Ave, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38119

Please send an email to and with the transfer details to receive acknowledgement. Acknowledgement will be issued within 1-2 working days.

2) For DAFs, Family Foundations and HNIs in the US
Donations above $1000 towards this initiative can be made through Milaap’s 501c3 partner in the US and will receive tax-exemption for US tax-residents.

Name: Asset India Foundation
EIN: 20-5139364  
Account # 2602388791
Routing # 122105278
Bank name: Wells Fargo Bank  
Swift code: WFBIUS6S

Please send an email to and with the transfer details to receive acknowledgement.  Acknowledgement will be issued within 1-2 working days.

3) Why are the exchange rates lower than real-time values?
We assure you that exchange rate you see  at the time of donation is purely notional - funds raised in all foreign currencies (we support around 12+ international currencies apart from INR)  are held in our US custodian account and transferred as $ when the organizers request the same.

The exchange rate they receive in Rupees is based on that date of receipt of funds through their bank. For example, current (27-04-2021) notional FX rate on site is  52 INR / SGD whereas the equivalent  FX rate at the time of transfer (on 27-04-2021) to recipient is around ~ 55 INR / SGD

The notional value of keeping a slightly lower exchange rate for display is to ensure that fundraisers don't suffer from a shortage should there be a fluctuation/volatility in currency movements. So we are conservative with our display. Please note that we make no money directly or indirectly in FX arbitrages or floats associated with it.

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