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Raju Alam
from Dhupguri, West Bengal

Purpose : to finance her son's education and other educational costs

Raju is a 12-year-old boy residing in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal. He studies in class 10 at Dhupguri High School and lives with a family of 4 members. His mother, Alema is a homemaker. The family's monthly income is Rs. 8,000. Their savings are not sufficient to support his educational expenses after managing the household costs. His mother wants to provide uninterrupted education for her child so that she can achieve her dreams. Due to lack of finance, he is not in a position to join coaching classes and purchase the re...  Read more

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Geetanjali Saikhom
from Wangkhei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : to expand hand embroidery business by purchasing more clothes

Geetanjali is a 34-years-old mother of two living in a small town in the Imphal East district of Manipur. She runs a hand embroidery business that she would like to expand. Her household of four lives on a monthly income of Rs.13,000, with expenses amounting to Rs.9,500. Her monthly savings cannot facilitate the expansion. Thus, she has requested for a loan of Rs.30,000 from Chanura (Milaap's field partner) to make mosquito nets, bedsheets and phaneks. She and her family will be grateful for your support....  Read more

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Irabati S
from Sega Road Branch, Manipur

Purpose : to expand her grocery store by buying increased stocks of rice, spices, rice, pulses, etc.

Irabati is a 33-years-old homemaker. She lives in Imphal-West district of Manipur. She has a small grocery business of her own which brings her roughly around Rs. 12,500 per month. She has a family of four members to take care of and two school-going children needing support for their education. She is finding it difficult to support both her family‚Äôs needs as well as children's education. She wants to take care of both and also save some amount for their future, so she has applied for a loan of Rs. 30,000 from Chanura Microfin, one...  Read more

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$ 314.81

Lali Devi
from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Purpose : To buy goats for expanding cattle rearing business

Lali is a 26-years-old woman residing in a village in Jaipur district of Rajasthan with her husband and 2 school-going daughters. Her husband is engaged in agricultural activities and she does goat-rearing to support in managing the household expenses. The monthly income of the household is Rs. 15,000. She wants to increase her earning and buy more goats but does not have sufficient money. So, she applied for a loan amount of Rs. 30,000 from Apani Sahkari Sewa Samiti, one of Milaap's field partners. She will repay back in 12 months...  Read more

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$ 244.83

Tangkeswori M
from Sega Road Branch, Manipur

Purpose : to expand tailoring business by stitching a variety of clothes

Tangkeswori is a 40-years-old married woman living in Imphal West district, Manipur. There are 7 members in her family. With a monthly income of Rs.12,000 and expenses amounting to Rs.9,200, the family barely earns enough to make ends meet. She is in the tailoring business and stitches a wide variety of blouses, garments, shirts, pants, tops, etc. She now wishes to grow her business but her monthly savings cannot facilitate this expansion. Thus, she has applied for a loan amount of Rs. 30,000 from Chanura (one of Milaap's field pa...  Read more

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Krishna Sahu
from Bargarh, Odisha

Purpose : to afford her daughter's education and other educational expenses

Krishna is a 30-years-old woman residing in Bargarh district, Odisha. She has a family of 4 members. With a monthly household income of Rs. 7,000, she and her husband find it difficult to pay their child's school fees. With the growing cost of education and the lack of monthly savings, she cannot afford her child's education. Hence, she has applied for a loan of Rs. 40,000 from Mahashakti Foundation (Milaap's field partner). With the loan amount, she will pay for her child's private tuition and other educational expenses. She ...  Read more

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Smita Behera
from MANGALPUR, Odisha

Purpose : to expand her dairy business by purchasing more cows and cow feed

Smita is a 31-years-old married woman residing in Jajpur district of Odisha. She has a family comprising of 4 members including a daughter. She has a household monthly income of INR, 8,300. She is engaged in the dairy business. She sells milk and milk related products in her neighborhood and nearby tea stalls. Smita realizes that her income is not enough to facilitate adequate savings. To increase her income, she has decided to expand her business. However, she does not have adequate capital to invest. So, she has applied for a loan o...  Read more

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Bijenti Mutum
from Wangkhei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : to increase her house hold income by expanding her grocery store.

Bijenti is a 42-year-old woman. She and her husband along with their two children live in east Imphal, Manipur. With a monthly house hold income of INR 10000 they have to manage their children's education as well. She runs a grocery store to support the financial expenses of her family which she now wishes to expand. She has applied for a loan amount of INR 15000 from Chanura, one of Milaap's field partner. The loan amount will be used to purchase Rice, Dal, Snacks and Stationery items for the store which will increase her monthly ...  Read more

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$ 589.84

Sangita Sanju Kamble
from Ghataprabha, Karnataka

Purpose : To procure the loan in order to expand grocery store

Sangita is a 24-year-old married woman. She resides in a small village in Belgaum in Karnataka. Sangita has two daughters. She operates a grocery shop. She sells sugar, oil, eggs, pulses and other items in her shop. The monthly returns from this business are Rs. 19,000. The monthly expenditure amounts to Rs. 7,500. The income is not adequate to sustain all the family members. She desires to raise her monthly income to provide a proper education to her daughters. Moreover, her shop is quite popular in the locality; as a result, s...  Read more

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Mamata Barman
from Khagrabari, West Bengal

Purpose : to avoid going to open spaces for defecation by renovating her toilet

Mamata is a 33-years-old married woman living in a small village of Cooch Behar district, West Bengal. She has a family of 5 members. With a monthly household income of Rs. 9,500 and expenses amounting to Rs. 6,500, she finds it difficult to renovate her toilet. The toilet they are using is in a bad condition without concrete roofs, walls or a permanent door. They are one amongst the hundreds of families that are a victim to the poor sanitation conditions in West Bengal. The walls are covered with moss and are on the verge of colla...  Read more