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Laxmi Das Sarkar
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To construct a concrete toilet for her family

Laxmi is a 24 year old lady who stays with her husband & grown up sons in a rural village in Falakata, West Bengal. She is a housewife while her husband is engaged in small scale business. Their daughter is studying in class 1. Laxmi & family are presently using a toilet which doesn't have any concrete roof or a permanent door. Sheets of plastic which act as curtains & walls to cover are been used. they have started to face other problems such as of clogging of the drainage which creates a awful smell and unhygienic condition. Laxmi h...  Read more

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Usha Rajendhiran
from Karur, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To commence a business of masala powder

Usha is a 43-year-old married woman. She works as a labor on a farm. Her family comprises three members. The monthly income of Usha’s family is Rs 13,000 and the monthly expenses amount to Rs.8,000. The income is not sufficient to meet all the daily requirements. Usha intends to start a new business. She wants to open a shop where she can sell rasam powder, sampar powder, chili powder and other masala powders. She is determined that this will allow her to increase the income. Usha requested a loan of Rs. 20,000 from GMF, one of Mil...  Read more

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Soma Sarkar
from Falakata, West Bengal

Purpose : To construct a new toilet

Soma is a resident of Falakata, West Bengal. Her husband works as a daily wage labourer. Soma and her family do not have their own lavatory. The toilet Soma’s family presently use is a community toilet in their locality. Due to excessive use by folks in the community, it is difficult to maintain hygienic standards for the lavatory. This is a cause of worry for Soma and her family members, who can fall ill due to the condition of the common toilet. Soma is running her household on a monthly income of Rs. 9000 which unfortunatel...  Read more

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Tamu Nongmaithem
from Wangkhei Branch, Manipur

Purpose : To invest in her small scale business

Tamu is a hard working wife and mother from Imphal East in Manipur state. Now is the time to invest in her business so that she can expand and make more profit for her family. As Tamu does not have any savings she is looking to take out a loan of Rs. 30,000. With the money she will buy a new weaving loom and raw materials so that she can make phanek, bedsheets and khudei. She will repay the loan in just 12 months....  Read more

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Sumitra Roy
from Maynaguri, West Bengal

Purpose : To expand transportation business by purchasing a cycle van

Sumitra is 49-year-old woman lives in a small village of Maynaguri in the district of Jalpaiguri. Her family consists of her three children (two sons and a daughter) and her husband. Her elder son is unemployed and other son & daughter are studying in the local village school. She is a homemaker. Sumitra’s husband is a cycle van puller by profession. A cycle van is a mode of transport that is widely used in rural areas in India, especially in West Bengal. He carries people in his van and thus earns money to cover the expenses of hi...  Read more

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Selvi Suresh
from Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To begin a new business of selling fresh Masala's

30 years old Selvi is from Perambalur district of Tamil Nadu. She is a hardworking woman who is engaged in Masala trade to support her family of 6. She earns the house an income of Rs.33,000 per month of which Rs.23,300 goes towards supporting her two children's education and other household expenses. As her products have received good demand in the market, she wants to try her hand in setting up her own business of masala trade. In order to facilitate the initiation of her startup, Selvi has applied for a loan of Rs.20,000 from GMF (...  Read more

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Shanthi Thiruvengadam
from Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To start her spices selling business

Shanthi a 36-year-old woman resides at a village in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu.She has a household of 3 members. The income is not enough for their family expenses. She wants to start a new business of selling spices.She will make sambhar powder,rasa powder,chilli powder,etc.She lacks capital so she has asked for a loan of Rs20000 from GMF(Milaap's partner) for expanding her business.She will fully utilize the money for the same. Shanthi is thankful to her lenders GMF(Milaap's partner) and Milaap for their support....  Read more

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Indirani Vasu
from Naduvalur, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : To establish a business and sell millet products

Indirani is a 46 -year- old married woman located in a small village. She works as a laborer in a field. She earns on a daily basis. Her household size is 2. The monthly income of Indirani’s family is Rs. 16,000 and the monthly expenditure is Rs.12,000. In order to improve the living condition of her family, she wishes to increase her family income by starting a new business. Indirani seeks a loan amount of Rs. 20,000 from GMF, one of Milaap’s field partners. This will allow her to invest in her business. She will sell millet produ...  Read more

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Savitaben Bariya
from Cs azad nagar, Madhya Pradesh

Purpose : To buy seeds and fertilizers and expand agribusiness

Savitaben is a 42-year-old resident of a remote village in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh. She works primarily as a housewife, also helping her husband cultivate farm their fields when she has time. With this agribusiness, the couple lives with their family of 5. Savitaben’s husband grows a variety of vegetables in different seasons, selling the harvest for profit in the nearby village market. Now, the couple has decided to scale up their agribusiness. In order to start off the expansion, Savitaben has applied for a loan of Rs...  Read more

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Saranya Selvaraj
from Erumaipatti, Tamil Nadu

Purpose : to start her masala grinding business

Saranya is a 26 year old young mother from Tamil Nadu. She currently works as a manual labourer in the nearby fields. Work is unreliable, infrequent and low-paying. Hence she wishes to start her own venture where she can drive the business. She approached GMF, Milaap's field partner for entrepreneurial training and assistance. She now wishes to start her own masala grinding enterprise. However she requires an initial loan of Rs. 20,000 to invest in equipment and raw material. She will repay the loan over the next 18 months. Hence loan...  Read more