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As per the eleventh five year plan document of India (2007-12), there are about 2.17 lakh regions in the country with more than half affected with excess iron, followed by fluoride, salinity, nitrate and arsenic. Further, approximately, 10 million cases of diarrhea, more than 7.2 lakh typhoid cases and 1.5 lakh viral hepatitis cases occur every year a majority of which are contributed by unclean water supply and poor sanitation. Early detection of chemical contamination in drinking water resources may save thousands of lives. Most of the detection methods for water contamination are confined to laboratory due to its time consuming measurement procedure and the use of bulky instruments such as spectrophotometer in colorimetric tests. Again most of the low cost paper strip based detection method only gives the indication of the presences of the contaminant but it is unable to quantify its exact amount. The rural and remote locations of our region are not connected directly to proper water quality monitoring facility. People from these regions are in high risk of serious health hazards due to unavailability of local laboratory support to detect chemical contamination such as fluoride contamination in their drinking water sources. Water samples from these regions are usually sent to the central water quality monitoring laboratory and the process of estimating fluoride concentration is an in-efficient and time consuming process. To initiate any removal program one has to know the chemical contaminant present in the water sources in its exact amount. Even if the proper laboratory facility is available; it needs necessary expertise.
According to TRAI the total wireless subscribers in India is around 1034.25 million till April 2016 with 447.84 million from rural areas and the remaining 568.41 million from urban areas Now, the total population of India is estimated to be 1320 million till 2016; these digits signify that it is possible to find a phone in any remote location of our country.
Hi all, I am a research scholar from Tezpur University; Assam . In my region there are serious health issues occuring from elevated amount of fluoride and arsenic in drinking water resources.
The above photograph is taken from the nearby Karbi-anglong district where fluorosis becomes a nightmare for the people living there. They don't have proper laboratory facility to detect chemical contaminants such as fluoride in their drinking water resources. In my research work I am developing lab grade low cost, robust and field portable water quality monitoring kit to detect and quantify water contaminants such as Fluoride, turbidity and salinity. Using the same kit all the color based water quality monitoring can be possible. We have developed simple and user friendly android platform based application for real time detection and analysis. We have incorporated the visual gesture indication in the application so that people without any proper scientific knowledge can easily handle the kit. Using the same application real time reporting and data sharing could be possible using the existing communication facility of the phone. But the problem is that to materialize my research and to take my research to the people suffering from these problems I need fund. I have done all these things by my own research fellowship but I don't have enough fund to make my dream happened in reality. With few donations from your side you are not only helping me, you are helping the large number of peoples who are suffering from such water related problems.
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I have developed the phone application which I am going to made free

I want to develop the same for Arsenic and Iron but the problem is that we don't have much funding. I have done these much by my research fellowship. To develop this as a low cost kit I seriously need help. Please help me out.

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