11th July 2017
Hello Well wishers,

Today, I wish to share the complete finances.

Total required: RS. 40,00,000

Total Raised :     RS. 39,15,000.00            (As on July 1 2017)
Total Received:  RS. 34,10,386.22            (As on July 1 2017)
Difference =       RS.   5,04,613.78            (As on July 1 2017)

Break up for RS. 5,04,613.78

The 5,04,613.78 includes
  • Payment gateway fees of Rs.22,680.03 and $1,468.53 which is charged by credit card companies. 
  • Milaap platform fees (which is 5% of the funds raised) is Rs.58,318.31 and $2,143.59. 
  • Then, there is $2300 flagged as suspicious which the banks are currently are investigating. Which means, we may or may not receive these funds and have to await bank's verdict. 

Expenses as of July 11 2017
> Total expenses incurred so far RS. 4,67,382.00 from May till now.
> Falling short of the difference  RS. 5,04,613.78 + the on going expenses so far.

Expenses included below:

From May to June.
1. Complete hospital charges, ICU, Doctor's fee, Medication, diet from the admission of Sai Vani till discharged.  As you know we have shifted to KIMS immediately .
From June to till date
2. Complete hospital charges, ICU, Doctor's fee, registration fees, appointment fees, dietitian, psychiatrist fee, admission, food, different department doctors visitation fee, ENT (ear bleed) fee, Medication, diet for KIMS plus pre-transplant evaluations and on going medicines, and miscellaneous expenses like transport. There are lots and lots of test's going on - some of the blood samples we had to send it to Bangalore for intensive evaluations. (Last 4 tests were sent to bangalore)


Reports of the tests: 

Anti Cytomegalovirus IGG Antibodies (Anti CMV-IGG)

Anti Cytomegalovirus IGM ANtibodies (Anti CMV-IGM)


Serum Ferritin

T3, T4 & TSH

Lipid Profile

HTLV 1 and 2 Antibodies and Varicella Zoster - IGM

Varicella Zoster - IGM

Varicella Zoster - IGG

1st July 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support so far. Your blessings has kept us going in these difficult time of life. With this update, I request you to help me and my family one last time. As we are inching closer to the goal, a little more push will be of immense help to my Dad. After Milaap deductions and losing dollars to fraudulent payments, we are still short by 5 lakhs. I am therefore, increasing the goal amount by 5 lakhs.  We would appreciate your help and kindness.

Please keep sharing the campaign with your friends and family!

27th June 2017
Hello everyone,

Thank you for being there for us with your continued kindness and support. There are three updates for today.

1. Dad's condition vs doctor advice:

> With all your blessings, dad is getting stabilized.
> 50% workup for liver transplantation has been completed.
> There were several tests performed on my dad, and also internal bleeding contributed hemoglobin levels to come down. Doctors are giving time for his body to recover naturally to re-generate the fresh blood rather injecting blood in packets. This gives him time to recover from the physical pain of injections and infusion of liquid substances directly into his vein.
> Resistance power have come down, since it is a rainy season 'doctors would like to give him vaccines to stand this seasonal viruses.

2. Pending reports are now out:

>> HAV - IGM (Anti Hepititis A Virus)_1

>> HAV - IGM (Anti Hepititis A Virus)_2






>> HBC - IGG & IGM (TOTAL)-1


3. Current and upcoming plan of action

1. Regular evaluation and reduction of ascites and edema.
2. Vaccines to prevent any prevailing viruses due to seasonal change.
3. Maintaining diet for physical fitness and increase protein in red blood cells which will help the count of Hemoglobin rise so that he can stand the procedure duration.
4. Signs of  betterment on Black stool, internal bleeding, ulcer, gastritis, esophageal varices.  
5. The workup is still continuing as there are quick changes in his body, doctors are trying to monitor the fluctuation rate to continue the rest of the work up for his liver transplantation.

** Please continue to pray for us, as it is really working!! We've almost reached the target amount I request you please share it with your friends one last time to achieve it together.