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Milaap (which means 'connecting people' in Hindi & Urdu) was initiated in June 2010, by three passionate young entrepreneurs who had a single vision: to change people’s concept of giving and make it a personal, transparent, and sustainable process.

We are a mission-driven company empowering people to be the change they want to see. We are changing the way people fund and impact communities in need. We look to inspire you to do the most and create a lasting impact, the way you have always wanted to.

Article on Milaap's philosophy

What we do?

We support India’s working poor by partnering with proven, credible grass-root level organizations (our Field Partners) to identify deserving borrowers, the amount of financial assistance they need and their goals. Our network of volunteers work with field partners to edit and review their loan profiles. We are then able to link them to people across the world who are willing to fund them. 100% of your funds go to the end borrower, and you have the ability to transparently track repayments and the impact created.

We also support our everyday heroes by sharing their stories with people around the world, connecting them to supporters, and helping them raise funds through Milaap Open . We review their goals, and motivate them through checks on milestones. Our transparent audits help them create accountability to their supporters.

We provide additional features to make the act of giving more fulfilling for you. To make lending a Regular part of your life, we help you setup a simple subscription to benefit a different borrower each month. We help you maximize the impact of your Macro donations and grants. We also connect brands to Engage with causes and initiatives that resonate with their identities. We help them plan, organize, and execute events and drives, channeling your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to create a lasting social impact.

How are we funded ?

Milaap does not take any cut from the funds you lend or donate towards the borrowers identified and featured by our field partners. Instead, Milaap charges its field partners a 5% fee for the funds raised.

This allows us to cover a fraction of our costs and work towards achieving self-sustainability. Till we achieve scale and reach a point where this fee is enough to cover our costs, we raise investment from individuals and institutions who believe in and share our vision.

First Light Ventures, Jayesh Parekh, Jungle Ventures, Lionrock Capital, Rajiv Madhok, Toivo Annus, Unitus Seed Fund and Vijay Shekar Sharma are our investors.

For Milaap Open campaigns, of the funds donated to each project, the project creators, our heroes, pay out a 5% service charge to cover our comparatively minimal marketing expenses incurred to distribute and promote their stories across online media channels, driving awareness and attracting supporters to their causes.