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Your support helped Marjina to pay for her daughter's school fees

Written by Sara Publish date 11-Jul-2018

Marjina and all her family members were at home taking rest, staying away from the heat outside. She has 3 daughters and a son. Her eldest daughter got married and the others are still studying. The daughter for whom she had taken the loan is studying in class 10, her son in class 8 and the youngest in class 5. Her husband who was sitting there listening to our conversation, when asked what they do for their living, said that he drives a motor van which he took on rent. “I transport vegetables from Basirhat morning market to the Sunderban marketplace thrice in a week. The other days, I transport passengers here in the local area,” said he. He pays Rs. 300/day to the owner and whatever remains is his income. To help him run the family, Marjina and her daughter do hand stitching at home. They stitch a type of cloth which takes them 2-3 days to finish sewing 1 cloth. She said while showing us her work, “We sell this for Rs. 150 in the market.” When asked about her daughter she said, “My daughter wants to become a police officer.” They also want their daughter to achieve her aim but were worried about whether they will be able to support her or not. Marjina’s husband said that they will try their best to let her continue studying as much as possible. If taking more loan can help, they will take as it was because of the loan that they were able to send their daughter to school.

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