Basanti's decision to buy a solar lamp has helped her and her family. | Milaap
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“Will purchase more solar lamps”- Basanti

Written by Waiz Azam Publish date 26-Sep-2018

When one thinks of life after sunset with partial visibility due to the dim glow from the kerosene lamps, then can one understand the Basanti’s desire to procure more solar lamps. Due to poor electric supply in her village she planned all her activities in a way to finish them before sunset. After sunset, she was dependent upon the kerosene lamp to do her household work. The high cost of kerosene and its negative impact on health always worried Basanti. She was especially worried for her two school going sons who used to study under the dim light of the lamp and were exposed to its harmful gases. Hearing about the energy loan from Mahashakti Foundation, she applied for it and bought a solar lamp. It has helped in easing out her difficulties related to her household work after dark. When I asked her what does she use the solar lamp for, she smiled and said “Everything”. She then explained that she is now able to do her work without worrying about sunset, go out in the evening taking the solar lamp with her, her anxiety pertaining to her sons’ health has vanished. Her husband also uses the solar lamp while working in the field after dark. Basanti is happy with the switch she made from kerosene lamps to solar lamp and is thankful to the lenders.

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