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Written by Srividya Venkataraman Publish date 01-Aug-2018
Sathiya with her son and the cows in the background
Sathiya with her son and the cows in the background

Sathiya is one of the most educated girls in Anniampatti village, Salem district. She has studied eye nursing from Salem and had planned to work as a nurse, but since her parents could not afford to educate her anymore, she was married off. She said, “I would have said no and went off to find some job if this was a city. But sadly, it is a village and my parents need to live here.” Her husband, being a mason, goes out to the city for weeks and brings home an income which is just enough for all the basic household expenses. Things became worrisome for Sathiya when she found out that she was pregnant. She knew that her husband’s income would not be enough. So she planned to buy two cows with the loan amount. The cows brought her a steady and stable flow of income weekly with the milk she sold at the local store. She is able to manage the household expenses as well as taking care of her son very easily. She is planning to purchase a few goats, which would add to the profits earned from the cattle milk. She plans to start her work as a nurse again when her son goes to school. She loves her job and is passionate about joining it back. She wishes to contribute to the family income and save an amount for a secured future of the family. She and her family are thankful to the lenders for their support in making their life a little comfortable.

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