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The daughter who is eternally indebted to her mother

Written by Sudeshna Das Publish date 21-Mar-2018

As we approached Rojy’s house, a toddler came running towards us. She hid behind me. Her mother followed her with a bowl in her hand. Apparently, the little girl wanted her mother to stop feeding her. The mother finally gave up, and she smiled at us. The field officer requested that woman to summon Rojy. Rojy appeared in a few minutes and settled down to talk to me. Rojy is a 43-year-old woman. She is the mother of four girls and one boy. She said, “ My oldest daughter is pursuing her graduation. She wanted to pursue medicine, but we did not have enough money for admission. She gives tuitions to local kids as well. My second daughter is in 12th standard. She wants to be a nurse. My third daughter is in 10th standard and my youngest daughter is in 3rd standard. They both aspire to join the police force .” Rojy’s son is pursuing Mass Communication from a nearby college. Rojy was not able to get a proper education. She quit school when she was in 5th standard. Her mother was not able to fund her education, after the sudden demise of her father. At present, Rojy operates a hotel. She also works as a maid. She works at others' houses in the morning, and in the afternoon she runs her hotel. She earns Rs 10,000 on a monthly basis. Her husband used to be a mason. However, due to an ailment, he can no longer work. Rojy availed the loan to pay her daughter’s school fee. She revealed, “ My second daughter stays in a boarding school. I needed Rs 5,000 to pay her admission and tuition fee.” She further informed me, “I invested in my other children's’ education as well.” Rojy’s daughter is really grateful for the loan. The mother disclosed, “My daughter understands that it’s difficult for me to sustain the family. But I want her to concentrate just on her studies now. She promised me that she will get a good job, and help me sustain the family.”

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