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"She is like my daughter."- Pakpi

Written by Sudeshna Das Publish date 22-Nov-2017

Pakpi’s son summoned her when we arrived at her residence. She was washing clothes and chatting with a few women. My companion greeted her as she invited us inside her house. The other women peeked inside her house to figure out what was happening. Pakpi is 50-year-old. She has one daughter and three sons. She frowned as she said, “My daughter weaves now. She studied till class 8. We were facing financial issues at that time, so we could not support her with her education.” Pakpi’s eldest son studied till class 9. He is married now. She disclosed, “Two of my sons are masons. The youngest one is in standard 12.” Pakpi is engaged in weaving business. She weaves phanek and sells them in the local market as well as the neighborhood. “My husband is an electrician. We manage to earn Rs 24,000 per month.” Pakpi revealed she needed a solar lamp. It made weaving easier for her. However, she was not able to use that lamp for a long time. She said, “I gave that lamp to my daughter in law. She weaves as well. She is like my second daughter. When I saw she was facing the same issue as I was, I decided to give it to her.” Pakpi has no regrets whatsoever. She uses candles and kerosene lamp while weaving. When I asked if she is facing any difficulties, she retorted, “I know it is harmful, but I have to manage. I will apply for another loan soon.” She walked us to our scooter and bid us farewell.

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