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Pressures of a dream

Written by Vrushali Sheth Publish date 25-Nov-2015
Sathi with her parents
Sathi with her parents

Sathi had just given her board exams. With summer holidays just starting, she was just in the process of recovering from the high pressure months before this. When I visited her, we had so much time to talk about her year of boards and life in general. Sathi is 15 year old and the only daughter of her parents. Her elder brother quit school post 10th standard to join his uncle’s factory in Delhi. Handling logistics, he earns Rs. 15000 a month. “But never sends a single rupee home”, complained Sathi’s father. 

What seemed like a complaint turned out to be a serious cause of concern as the conversation progressed. Sathi’s father owns a piece of land. Both husband and wife toil to make a living from farming. This has been their only source of income. Yet the couple was determined to make ends meet and provide their kids with good education. Seeing their kids with good degrees and jobs is a dream Sathi’s parents have nurtured since their birth. But when Sathi’s brother decided to not continue his studies after class 10,  Sathi’s parents felt lost. Though his job pays him well, her parents are convinced the glory of money won't last for long. 

This had a serious effect on Sathi’s schooling. Dealing with the constant pressure of studying to top her class, Sathi struggled to meet her parents' high expectations. The result not just showed in her performance in school but also her health. She was constantly sick the last year adding to her already exhausting routine. Juggling school and 3 different tuitions, she struggled to keep up each passing day. This is when she applied for a loan of Rs. 15000. The loan amount was used to arrange a private tutor for Sathi. Someone who could teach her in the comfort of their home. Thereby drastically cutting down the stress levels. 

A Milaap loan came in handy with the urgent need of funds to arrange such a facility for her. “A private tutor in the middle of the year to cover all subjects. We knew it was an expensive affair. But we knew only such assistance could give her a real shot at scoring well in the boards.” Costing them Rs 1500 a month, the loan took care of it for the rest of the year. Today, Sathi is confident of clearing her boards but is determined to continue studying further. Felt good to know no amount of pressure could crush Sathi’s parents' dream of seeing their daughter educated.


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