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Mamata wants her daughter to become a police officer

Written by Neha Dwivedi Publish date 03-Aug-2016
Mamata posing for the camera
Mamata posing for the camera

Mamata’s answer to my question, “What you want your daughter to become after she grows up,” surprised me a little. The usual answers that I get from parents to this question are either teacher or government job but Mamata has different dreams for a daughter, Laxmi. “I want to make my daughter a police officer,” said Laxmi. She is doing everything she can to fund her daughter’s education. It is for her future that she took an educational loan from Mahashakti Foundation. When I asked her if the loan amount helped Laxmi, she said yes. “I was able to pay her admission fee, which was 1200. I also pay her monthly tuition fees of Rs. 700.” Mamata is someone I would continue to admire no matter where I go. Even as I write this, I remember the pride with which she spoke about her daughter.

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