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Malavva's goat rearing business - her first step towards financial freedom

Written by Kinnari Publish date 03-Feb-2016
Malavva amidst her two goats
Malavva amidst her two goats

Malavva Kurne, 47 years, is from a small village called Paramanandawadi in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. She lives with her husband, 2 children, a daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren. Her son is married with 2 kids and works for daily wages in a construction site nearby. Her daughter has just finished studying class 10 and is soon to be wed. Malavva and her husband together own an agricultural plot of 1 acre. Growing wheat and sugarcane in their field, along with the daily wages of her son only brings their household monthly income upto Rs 2200. Unable to sustain with the meagre income, Malavva decided to start her own business to help improve the financial status of her family. Malavva along with her friends formed a self-help group and applied for a joint loan of Rs 40,000 (Rs 13,333 per individual) to start goat and buffalo-rearing businesses. 

Malavva bought two goats with the loan amount and started her goat-rearing business. She feeds the goat left-overs from the day before and some grass. The earnings from the goat-rearing comes twice a year. On an average, a goat gives birth to 2 kids, twice a year. She sells these kids at Rs 5000 in the nearby market. So, in the first fifteen months of taking the loan, Malavva was able to earn Rs 40,000. The goats also give enough milk everyday to satisfy her household dairy needs. She is very happy to be feeding fresh milk to her grand children everyday. Her daily expenses of buying milk from a dairy has been saved too. 

Malavva says that the loan has helped Sangeeta Mang and Laxmibai Mang of her SHG as well. They were able to buy a buffalo each with the loan money and their businesses have flourished. Malavva is truly satisfied with the loan she took and is looking forward to another loan to expand her goat rearing business.

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