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Light in the house even at night

Written by Sara Publish date 13-Dec-2018
Monika with her solar lights
Monika with her solar lights

Residing in a village in Katihar district of Bihar, Monika is a tailor and also does labor work whenever required. She is a mother of 3 daughters of which the eldest is studying in class 1 and the younger ones haven't started their schooling. Her husband is a tractor driver. She said, "Usually during harvesting season, he drives the tractor to transport agricultural goods from the field to market area." He also works as a daily wage laborer when there is high demand for laborers in other places. Monika's village does not have a regular power supply for which they were dependant on kerosene lamp as an alternate source of light at night. Both the husband and wife work hard to meet their ends meet. But due to electricity problem, half of their income goes into buying kerosene oil. The household expense was increasing and it was getting difficult for them to manage the expenses. Buying the solar lamp have reduced their expenditure and now, "My daughter can do her homework at ease even at night. It has saved us a lot of money and has increased our savings," she said. She and her family are thankful to all for the support.

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