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Liberty within the confined walls of a toilet

Written by Moumita Publish date 10-May-2018
An amazing sense of unmatched security.
An amazing sense of unmatched security.

Stories of snake bite is nothing unusual when you take a stroll in the rural sectors of India. I met a few borrowers who talked about their fear of snake and insect bite on the agricultural fields but Lakshmi could explain it the best because she was a true bearer. Being a lover of reptiles in general, I know for a fact that snakes bite only when attacked as a defense mechanism and Lakshmi surely is not the only one who had to face the wrath of stepping on a snake. It was a summer evening and she wanted defecate, field being the only place of solution. Although she was bitten by a non-poisonous snake she says the pain was unbearable and she was given immediate medical attention. Since then the field had become a daunting vicinity for her. After a talk with her husband she managed to apply for a loan to build a toilet in the house. She immediately convinced her own mother do the same and both of them had their toilet construction near about the same time. Lakshmi says that she is happy for her mother because she is aging and walking to the field was getting arduous. Also, her mother enjoys the immediate after bath a lot it seems. When I asked her how did she feel after using the toilet for the first time, with a retiring smile she said, “The walls were new, I got a sense of freedom”. How contradictory was this statement! To find liberty within the bondage of concrete walls. I cannot comprehend what Lakshmi feels for I have always had the option of a toilet for cover me, but it must be an amazing sense of indispensable security.

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