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Krishna forgets eating food while playing

Written by Boaz Eapen Publish date 06-Jan-2016
Krishna's father at his home
Krishna's father at his home

Krishna is in 10th class now. He and his mother Gita were not present when I reached their home for interview. His father was present and therefore we had to talk to him. He told us that the loan was used for Krishna's education like paying his school and tuition fees, getting him a cycle and buying books and copies. Gita is a member of BJS (Milaap's partner) from 4 years.

Krishna goes to 3 tuition. His father said that the tuition itself is a big expense. Krishna is good in studies as well as sports. His father told us praising him that his master in school takes him to different places like coochbehar, jalpaiguri etc for tournaments. He is so dedicated in playing that he forgets eating food said his father and he has to scold to concentrate on studies more. Krishna has one younger brother and one younger sister also. His father said that if he able to study then well and good and if he is not then he has to work as a farmer. He supports him in whatever he wants to do and is willing to struggle in the field for him. Krishna studies around 1-2 hours in a day. 

Krishna's father is a farmer. He has little land on his own and he works in other's field also. He grows jute, potato and paddy. On asking since when he is doing the same, he said that since birth he is involved in it. And added that "On soil I was born, on soil I will work". His wife is also involved in farming. Their grandparents were also living in the same place. On one season they are able to earn Rs 7000-8000. He also earns Rs 200-300 while working as a labour. They have 2 cows at home. They don't get milk for the whole year. But when the milk is available they sell it for Rs 30 per kg. The produce usually is around 3-4 kgs per day. They desire to buy a jersey cow in the future. 

With the help of the loan they are able to teach their kids properly and manage their house also.

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