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Indhrani purchased a cow with her agriculture loan

Written by Ramprasad Publish date 22-Aug-2018

I met Indhrani at her residence in Edakuddi village, a 50 Km ride from Thiruvarur along the green spread of paddy fields. She had taken a loan of INR. 20,000 from Bharathi Women Development Center (Milaap's field partner). Indhrani with the help of the loan amount purchased a cow. She sells the milk from the cow at INR 25 per liter and is able to earn 100 INR per day. She also doubles up as a worker under "National Rural Employment Programme" along with the other women. She gets INR 1500 for a month and she also will be able to return home early to take care of her household chores and cow. She added that rearing a cow requires certain care but when the rains are good and there is an abundance of grass one doesn't need to take many efforts. She purchases cow feed at INR 25 per Kg and one Kg suffices for two days for one cow. Her husband also works as a labor and can't work productively due to growing age. Her elder son works as a cook in Malaysia and her younger son who is also a cook works in a hotel but in a local hotel. She is able to repay the loan with the earnings from the cow and thanked the lenders for their support.

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