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Goat-rearing helps her save more money

Written by Sruthy Publish date 11-Jul-2018

Indra's goats had multiplied now as she had bought them when they were pregnant. It was a happy occasion as she knew they are going to give her more profit. Goat rearing came naturally to her as she has prior experience of having them in her house before getting married. She has two daughters who are school-going. Her husband works as a driver in Malaysia. He earns and sends the money to his family here through which she manages the household needs like buying groceries, vegetables etc. She also uses them to pay her daughters fees who are in 11th and 7th grade respectively. She was working before as a coolie in agricultural farms. Since the work over there was hectic and she was getting sick often due to the climate, she quit. After quitting she longer received an income from the coolie work and was looking for other opportunities. She chose goat rearing as it was easy for her, gave her profit and needed lesser work outdoors. She takes the goats out for grazing and in the evening she milks them and sells the milk to few nearby houses. Once the goats are matured, she will sell them to the meat shop for mutton. She is happy and thankful to the lenders as these goats have helped her save money for the family.

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