"During power cuts, the lamp is our savior.”-Geeta | Milaap
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"During power cuts, the lamp is our savior”-Geeta

Written by Sudeshna Das Publish date 28-Feb-2018

When we visited Geeta’s residence, she was feeding her one and a half-year-old son. Her son curiously looked at the visitors. My companion explained her the purpose of our visit. I greeted her and requested her to talk to me for a while. Geeta is a 30-year-old woman. She is the mother of two children. “My daughter is studying in kindergarten. My son is too young to join the school.” Geeta weaves phanek. She sells her products in the local market. Her husband operates a jewelry shop. She disclosed, “We manage to earn Rs 17,000 on a monthly basis.” Geeta needed a solar lamp for her house. She said, “Earlier, my daughter could not study aptly. Even I faced difficulties while weaving. During power cuts, the lamp is our savior.” “I gave my lamp for repairing.”, she said when I inquired about the solar lamp. “It was not charging properly” Geeta listens to Manipuri songs when she is not busy with her household chores.

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