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Deepa has found success by investing in her dairy

Written by Ramprasad Publish date 13-Dec-2018

The rains had finally stopped as we headed out on our trail to meet the borrowers. The roads although with clogging pools of water the trees fresh shade of green as we headed towards Andanapatti. Deepa joined us with her neighbours. Deepa had taken a loan of INR. 20,000 from Eravanchery branch of Bharathi Women Development Centre, one of Milaap’s field partner. Her family is a farming family like many families in the village. They do Paddy cultivation during the cultivation season and harvest them. Since it was harvest time she had applied for a loan to pay for the cost of harvest. But the cost of harvest and transporting the harvested paddy was paid from other sources. Deepa then purchased a cow with her loan to increase her milk production. She will sell the milk which will add to her income. “It not only adds to my household income but also cuts down our expenses for purchasing milk. We sell the milk for INR 30/ liter the same if we purchase from the distributors the charge is INR 45/ liter. We are also able to save that money and that is really helpful” Deepa said as her group members agreed in acceptance. They have mango and coconut farms which helps them earn an income on a seasonal basis. She has been able to repay the money and promised on continuing to do so as he thanked the lenders for helping her cause. “Romba Nandri(Thanks a lot)” said Deepa.

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