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A simple decision gave them strength to dream

Written by Pragati Sharma Publish date 09-Apr-2015
Nirmal Kamble at her house
Nirmal Kamble at her house

Simple decisions sometimes impact our lives in ways we could have never even imagined. Rekha Shinge and two of her friends, Bharti Kamble and Nirmal Kamble, took a decision like that a few months ago. These three women are former Devadasis living in Athani in the Belgaum district of Karnataka. They run small businesses to remain financially independent and support their families. A few months ago, they took Milaap loan to extend their businesses in hopes of increasing their monthly incomes. 
“I’m looking forward to opening a shop. As soon as this loan is repaid, I will do that,” said Nirmal. She sells sarees from her house. She is able to sell 1 or 2 sarees daily and earn a profit of Rs. 50 on each sale. Taking the loan not only provided her with capital to purchase sarees in bulk from wholesale, it also gave her hope and confidence. Earlier her business was only a means of sustenance, but now she is ready to explore wide avenues which she had not even dared to dream about.     
I was not able to meet with Rekha and Bharti as they were out of village for some business. But what I gathered by talking with Nirmal, her friends are as happy as she is with their decision. The three of them are no longer afraid to dream; they know that now they have the potential to make those dreams come true. 

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