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Baby Born With Multiple Defects Needs An Urgent Heart Surgery To Survive

“As my baby was born without a part of her large intestine, doctors had to surgically make a hole in her abdomen for her to pass stools through. We have to take utmost care to keep her abdomen area clean; we keep it bandaged and change the cloth every half an hour as and when it gets soiled to prevent infection. Now we discovered that she had a hole in her heart for which she needs another surgery, but we have already spent so much on her treatment so far and do not have even have a paisa to spare,” –Saleem, father.

‘She cannot eat properly and is losing weight rapidly’

Baby Zahanrz is 7 months old, but she hardly looks like even a 4 month old. Due to her intestinal problem, she has never been able to feed properly. She keeps crying due to hunger, but once she has eaten something, stools immediately pass through the hole in her abdomen, creating discomfort. This has led to poor nutrition and stunted growth in the baby. Of late, the baby has also started having breathing problems as a result of the massive hole in her heart.

“She weighed 5 kg last month when we checked. Now she is only 3 kg. She is losing weight rapidly, at a dangerous rate. When we carry her, it’s like we are holding a feather. She suffers from fever and cough regularly. The doctor says for all these problems to be resolved, they have to repair her heart first. Without it, she can even die. We are very scared for her life,”-Saleem

This father lost his job trying to save his only child

Saleem used to work as a driver in Noida, earning a modest income before Zahanrz was born. He had been saving up for her birth, in order to give her a safe and secure future. However, things went awry when she was diagnosed with many health issues. Saleem and his wife Teena had to be in the hospital, paying bills and getting medicines, for many days. Saleem could not go to work due to this and ended up losing his job eventually. Now he is forced to work as a laborer to keep things running.

“When work is available, I get paid Rs 500. But I can’t go every day as my daughter always gets sick and we have to rush her to the hospital. I cannot even afford these small trips alone, how will I pay for her expensive surgery? Please help me,”-Saleem

With your kind contribution, this baby can undergo her heart surgery and have a shot at a normal life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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