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Just 1 Week Left To Save 11-year-old Yuvasree From Dying Of Acute Liver Failure

"She has not opened her eyes in days. I know that she is still conscious because I hear her screams every time they prick her with those needles. I don’t know if she feels anything else other than pain. All I know is, time to save her is slipping away. We have just a week now."

11-year-old Yuvasree is known as a very mischievous young child. Her energy lit the room up everywhere she went. Her parents did not notice when her enthusiasm hid her illness. Finally, jaundice took over her body until her liver was completely damaged. If Yuvasree does not get a liver transplant within the next week, she will not survive.

Alternative medicine did not cure her jaundice

Mahendra and Ramani, the parents, are in complete shock over their daughter’s condition. The parents are unable to even talk to anyone, constantly breaking down if they even try to explain. Ramani’s brother, Nagaraj has been a pillar of support to the family and has been running around these past few days trying his best to keep Yuvasree alive.

“When Yuvasree got treated for jaundice with alternate medicine, her condition got worse. We went to a local hospital. They ran blood tests and said that jaundice had affected her very much. They said we had to take her to Kanchi Kamakoti. Fearing for affordability, we decided to continue there. In 3 days, she got very weak and lost consciousness. We had to move her.”

Her liver was damaged beyond repair and she lost consciousness

Yuvasree was diagnosed with acute liver failure upon arrival. Her face, hands, and legs were swollen. Her blood was affected and liver was completely damaged. She needed an emergency liver transplant to survive. Her mother was identified as a perfect match to donate a portion of the liver. This did not solve anything.

“All these days, they have been transfusing blood to keep her alive. Even for that, we don’t have enough money. Now, standing outside a government office for paperwork, I am getting calls to pay a bill for blood transfusion. If I don’t do this, she won’t get the treatment. If she won’t get it, we will lose her. This is our reality.”

All hope is slipping away with no means to save Yuvasree

Mahendra is a driver with Sankara school, and his wife Ramani works as a maid. They live with their 13-year-old son Josin and 11-year-old daughter Yuvasree in a humble home. Together, they run the household on Rs. 18,000 income. 

The bill for the treatment so far, pre-transplant work-up, hospital expenses of another Rs.85,000  has come up to Rs. 4 lakhs till now. The expenses for hospitalization is almost Rs. 30,000/day. The transplant cost will come to 22.5 lakhs. Mahendra has exhausted all resources, and though everyone is trying their best to arrange funds, they have run dry now.

How can you help

Yuvasree’s transplant is estimated to cost Rs. 30 Lakhs. The family must prepare themselves for the worst if this goal is not met.

Your contribution can save 11-year-old Yuvasree from losing her life to poverty. She has a week left to live.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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