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Toddler With A Big Hole In His Heart Can Celebrate His 3rd Birthday Only If He Gets An Urgent Surgery

“Yuvaan is losing weight with each passing day. He needs medicines to even digest two small pieces of bread. He needs medicines to breathe normally. Ever since he was born, he has only known pain and injections. From Pneumonia to Hernia and a fatal heart disease now, his life revolves around the hospital. Without surgery, our 2-year-old might die even before he turns 3.” -Yuvaan’s Father.

From pneumonia at birth to a fatal heart disease now, his life is a hostage of death
Ram and Geeta's excitement knew no bounds when Yuvaan was born. But it was short-lived, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and struggled to breathe. They prayed for his survival and eventually, the distraught parents survived the scar as their son managed to recover. The three months that followed were the happiest time of their life, as they watched their son smile and look at them in wonder. When they thought they have come back to normal life, the baby suddenly fell sick again.

Yuvaan has a huge hole in his heart and he will lose his life to it without a surgery

He refused to eat and there was a drastic change in his bowel movements. The swelling in the groin area was a hernia. He would cry in pain as he tried to walk. Every single day, each activity, was a walk through torment for him. From eating food, to painful bowel moments, he hardly had a happy day. Even before they could digest this, doctors revealed yet another diagnosis. Yuvaan also has a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which means he has a hole in his heart. This has reduced him to less than half of the normal weight for a child of his age. If the disease progresses, all his organs will begin to fail starting with his heart and lungs.

Yuvaan throws up immediately after eating. When he can't eat anything, how can we feel like having any of our meals? " - Geeta, Yuvaan's Mother

Yuvaan's heart is giving up rapidly, and he is racing against time

While the doctors initially believed that medication could bring the symptoms under control, Yuvaan’s condition started to deteriorate rapidly in the past month. He has frequent fever and cough, he starts breathing rapidly. He could hardly have any food.

“In the past two months, he has refused food. We had to force-feed him. The doctor said if this continues, he may need a tube in the stomach. Even the little that he talks, is cut short by rapid breathing. He calls me Papa, and just as I’m about to respond, fatigue takes over, and he can’t talk anymore." - Yuvaan's Father.

How can you help?
While Ramprabhat earns 300 rupees a day, he has to spend over Rs.3000/day on Yuvaan's treatment. Debt was his only resort and now he can’t even afford to borrow. He and his wife are struggling to save their only child. Ramprabhat needs Rs. 3 lakhs for his son’s surgery. If he cannot mobilize funds on time, Yuvaan will lose his life.

Your support will help Yuvaan's parents save their only child from heart failure.
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