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What would you wish for a stranger?

What happens when 573 people from around the world send their good wishes to struggling moms in rural India? A magical Mother’s Day! We’ve compiled 10 amazing wishes here from various corners of the world. Read on FYI (for your inspiration). 1. THE DETERMINATION WISHIE“A strong woman doesn't bow her head in any difficult situation, rather she makes others to bow their head by her determination.”2. THE BRAVERY WISHIE“Being a mother is the most difficult work ever. I wish all these brave mothers all the success in the world.”Wishie3. THE GOOD- CHEER WISHIE“Great going after this first bold step to be independent and empowered. Wish you the very best for the many more miles ahead.”4. THE HOPE WISHIE“I hope all mothers who are truly fighting to give their kids a better future, make their visions true.”5. THE INDEPENDENCE WISHIE“I wish that you continue to live your life on your terms. It requires a great deal of courage and you already have that! Good luck”6. THE WISHIE SALUTE“It needs courage to take up any initiative and I salute you for that. May you have success in everything you do!”7. THE DREAM WISHIE“Keep the dream alive, send your children to school and continue being an inspiration to other people. Happy Mother's Day.”8. THE PRAYER WISHIE“I wish that a day will come when every family will earn at least enough to sustain and not have to go to sleep on an empty stomach.”9. THE CROSS-COUNTRY WISHIE“No matter where we live we are all tied in that want of helping our children get the best education possible. Love from Hawaii!”10. THE BELIEF“There is nothing greater than believing in our own powers, believing one can do it gets it one step ahead. Hats off to these ladies!”With each wishie sent, 25 USD was given as a loan to the chosen rural mother and her group. With this inititative, people came together to prove that good wishes are powerful and can change lives indeed! To make your own wish, click here – milaap.org/wishies/mothersday