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Why these women are eager to finish their first loan cycle

I met Rammwaii and other group members of Artukhuan group at Rammwaii’s petty shop. All of them lived close to each other in south Ramthar area of Aizawl. They took a loan of 15,000 each to invest in their respective businesses. Rammwaii invested the money in buying items for her petty shop, others invested it in their poultry, knitting and sewing business. Interestingly, when I asked them if they remember when they took the loan, they replied that they remember how many more installments they need to give and calculated the month when they borrowed the money with the help of that. For all these women their businesses were going well. It was difficult for them to calculate their monthly profits but they appreciated the fact that how some of them were able to get the right kick start for their businesses. Rammwaii explained how Rs. 15000 was a small amount for stocking up things in her petty shop but for her friend who Lalmawii who managed a poultry shed in her house, the money was a good start to buy around fifty chickens and their feed. All of them stressed that they were eager t o finish off the current loan cycle and borrow a bigger amount to take their businesses to the next level.Milaap Borrowers

Members of the Artukhuan group pose outside their petty shop