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When a family joins hands for a construction

I realized how honest is this popular saying that "where, there is a will, there is a way" when I perused the inspirational story of Revathi, a cognizant woman from the village of Kungumapuram, Trichy. She lives with her family that includes her responsible husband and a equally helpful son. She had obtained a loan of Rs. 5,000 to run a water pipeline up to her home in which she used a sum of amount to the local Panchayat in the form of pipeline installation fee and utilized the rest to buy the other required items. Earlier, Revathi or her son would fetch the water from nearby public stand-post  which was located more than 400 m. away from their place. She and her husband are daily-wage workers and had been saving to make their pucca house since a long time. Since, the saved amount was not enough to hire a worker to construct their house, the self-motivated family came up with a solution by joining each others hand and constructing their own house all by themselves. The raised fund helped them to have a proper municipal pipeline access to their doorstep and thus completing their one of the basic household and livelihood requirement. Therefore, the pride to own a self constructed house reflects their enthusiasm, constant efforts and hard work to meet their conceived dream. Revathi's inspiring story shows  that nothing is out of reach for a determined and consistent person to achieve and goals become approachable if our family plays the role of power house of support & constant hope. Since an accountable past, India's social cohesion is frequently questioned and debate on the melting of joint or extended family system is largely raised, I think this motivating piece is not only dissolves all such questions but gives a deeper insight to understand 'group cohesiveness'. When the fellow partner had visited her place he found Ravethi's husband was laying electric wire-lines while her son was assisting him. Ravethi herself was involved in the construction work and was feeling all pride and victorious feeling in herself. Group consciousness is the essence of social cohesiveness and broadly depends on the equal recognition & treatment of individuals of a group.No matter we live in a joint, extended or nuclear family, there can always be an underlying sense of group consciousness that need to be regularly watered & strengthened  by assuring individual's importance, understanding ones desires, ambitions & hopes and respecting his choices & inputs. This is how the whiff of dignity, self-respect and individuality of an individual is maintained and thus, the group entity is kept organized and keeps running smoothly. So, just look around yourself, and look around, try to spot groups..official, informal or administrative, and see how smooth they are working and attempt to nail the issue of individual recognition, if you find one.. or just celebrate and empower your group solidarity by simply appreciating the individuals involved.