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What an Entrepreneur Did With Twenty Thousand Rupees

Lataben Sompura is the leader of the ‘Jay Ambay Mahila Mandal’ group. A beautician, she took a loan of Rs.20,000 to buy parlor equipment like a blow dryer, wax, and a make-up kit. Lataben has been in the parlor business for almost 10 years now. She initially started off by training in Surat for 6 months, after which she set up her own business. 
I had caught Lataben at a really bad time as she had guests over and was celebrating ‘Satam’ that evening. But she still took the time out and ran through the details of her business with me. She told me how she saved between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 per month. She also shared how she plans to move her makeshift parlor from her home and rent a location in a prime area to make more profits, which she estimated to be about Rs.500 per day during ‘season’ when demand for beautician’s services go up due to festivals and a high number of wedding receptions. 
She seemed to have everything under control and was very pragmatic about her future plans. It was very enriching to meet Lataben and see how Rs.20,000 can bring such effective changes in someone's life.

Lataben in her Parlor