9-Year-Old Vritika Dropped Out Of School To Fight Blood Cancer. Help Save Her Life. | Milaap
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9-Year-Old Vritika Dropped Out Of School To Fight Blood Cancer. Help Save Her Life.

Vritika is a bright 9-year-old who had to drop out of class 4 because of a grave health concern. Vritika has blood cancer, and while she undergoes harsh treatment, her family is struggling to arrange the funds required to continue treatment.

This 9-year-old has blood cancer

Vritika's diagnosis came six months back when she started throwing up and developed a fever. Her parents took her to a local doctor in Kutch. After performing multiple tests, the doctor advised them to undertake a final bone marrow test.  Upon seeing the result, the doctor told the shocked parents that Vritika needed to be immediately taken to a better hospital in Ahmedabad for treatment. 

"Vritika had blood cancer. That was the moment our life felt completely apart. Always thought that cancer was something that happened to other people, but our baby was struggling to live because of it. We were scared and immediately rushed her to a doctor in Ahmedabad," said her father, Mayur Tank. 

Upon reaching Ahmedabad, Vritika's treatment began and she was put on intensive chemotherapy for months. As of now, the doctors are waiting for Vritika's test result to come out so that they can start with radiotherapy.  

"She's a brave child, giving us hope every time"

Vritika is, as her parents describe her, a happy child. "I never cried like other children. But ever since cancer, she has become subdued. Even now, she gives us hope. Every time she sees us down or worried, she'll perk up. Our baby is so much in pain and still wants her parents to not worry. It kills me to know that I am not able to help my child when she is thinking so much about us all the time," Mayur. 

Family of Humble Means

Vritika's father is the sole earning member of the family. He has a juice shop in Kutch and makes Rs 3,000 per month. Her mother is s housewife. The entire family is currently in Ahmedabad for their daughter's treatment. Their only source of income is also shut down for now.

So far, they have spent Rs 12 lakhs on Vritika's treatment by taking loans from their family and friends. They have to pay back that amount as well. Apart from this, they have to arrange more funds for their daughters continued radiotherapy and any complications that arise.  
Vritika (right) with her friend

How Can You Help?

Vritika is 9-year-old and has her whole life ahead of her. Cancer has taken away her childhood and she even dropped out of school for treatment. She is suffering and is too much in pain, and continued chemo and radiotherapy are her only way out. Her family cannot afford her treatment anymore, having already taken loans from every possible source. They are coming up short of funds required to save their daughter.

Funds raised through this fundraiser will go towards Vritika's treatment. 

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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