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This Mother Nearly Died Trying To Save Her Twin Babies

“Save them! Save them!” she whispered when her own life was in danger. Vijaya Kumari was in an ambulance and her husband Muralidhar could not quite comprehend what she was saying. She was hardly breathing, frantically trying to gesture and say something. Vijaya was 9 months pregnant. Something had gone terribly wrong. He listened to her say the same words over and over again, until they reached the hospital 3 hours later.

Muralidhar thought he would lose all three of them

Vijaya and Muralidhar fought infertility for several years before she conceived twins. The 9 months of pregnancy was surreal. They had a C-section scheduled for Sankranti. Just the day before, during a checkup, the doctor mentioned she might have jaundice. They returned home knowing that they could meet their babies the next day.

“In the evening, Vijaya started bleeding. At the hospital, they were told she had to deliver but our doctor was not there. I waited till 10 o’clock in the night. Nobody told me anything. She could not breathe after a while and I was so scared. At midnight, they told us to take her to Bangalore because her organs were failing. It was the worst 3 hours of our life.” - Muralidhar

Muralidhar and Vijaya in happier times

On the worst day of Muralidhar's life, he had to shuttle between two ICUs

At dawn, on Sankranti, Vijaya was wheeled into the ICU. Muralidhar saw the doctors place her on ventilator and dialysis. He could only remember her saying, ‘Save them instead'. In a blur, he signed the consent forms for an emergency C-section. Their twins, a boy and a girl were born. Like their mother, they were in distress.

“I saw them also on ventilator and thought this was it. It was all over. My wife is dying on one side and my babies on the other. Thankfully they all began to recover slowly the next day.”

Yes, there is hope for this couple to have the life they dreamed of

Vijaya can hardly sit up without help, but she insists on going to the NICU and watching the twins all day. They have a blood infection. For 8 days they have been in the NICU. They need to stay for at least 2 more weeks. The family has suffered mentally, emotionally and financially. They are now frantic for more help.

“I frame photos for a living and saved money for the C-section. I was making Rs. 200-400 every day. I never thought I would end up with lakhs of expenses now. My relatives and friends helped me pay Rs. 5 lakhs. Now, I need more help to get my children and wife home.”

The fight is not over, and they need your help to have their happy ending.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.
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