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4-year-old Vetriselvan Struggles To Breathe Every Day And Needs An Urgent Heart Surgery To Survive

At an age when all children should be playing around and learning new things, 4-year-old Vetriselvan has been fighting a severe heart disease for the past two years. His parents, Selvaraj and Samayapurathal, are heartbroken seeing their son losing his life little by little. He needs an urgent open heart surgery to survive and live a normal life.

Vetriselvan struggles to breathe and has severe cold

Vetriselvan is the only child of Selvaraj and Samayapurathal. He was a happy, healthy and full of life until he turned 2 years old. They thought it was the common cold, and did not take it seriously. Medicines were not helping him. The severe cold and cough continued for many days. They took him to a bigger hospital only to discover that the toddler has a heart disease and needs a surgery.

Doctors asked Selvaraj to protect his son from cold, as it would make his condition worse. Despite keeping him away from chocolates and ice creams, he catches cold frequently. Sometimes he struggles to breathe.

Vetriselvan fainted suddenly, he has become too weak

"We can never predict when he'll fall sick. Last week, he ate lunch, slept, and then played after his nap. Suddenly in the evening he fainted. Vetri couldn't speak. We ran to the hospital and he was admitted for 20 days. I was holding him tight, I couldn't let him go. I can't describe how I felt at that moment. I can't imagine losing him. He deserves a life." - Selvaraj.

Vetriselvan goes to a play school. Though the school is just a stone throw distance from his house, he becomes tired and ends up coming home early most of the days. He has just begun to learn new words and he is curious to know about everything around him. Unfortunately, his health doesn't permit him to even talk for a long time. His condition is deteriorating every day.

Parents are daily wage workers

Vetriselvan's parents are daily wage workers. His grandmother takes care of him till they come back home. Selvaraj and Samayapurathal leave home early in the morning come back around 7 in the night. They are working day and night but they could not earn anywhere close to the money needed for the surgery. 

"I'm not able to think of anything but saving my son. He expects me to be with him all the time, but I'm not able to fulfill even his smallest wish. I run to work leaving him with his grandmother. I go with a heavy heart. It is painful that even after all this struggle, we can't afford the surgery." - Samayapurathal.

Only a heart surgery can save his life

Vetriselvan needs heart surgery at the earliest. Any further delay would cost his life. Little Vetriselvan not knowing what is happening to him, cries out for help to his parents every day. It is heartbreaking to see him suffering.

Vetriselvan's parents cannot afford the surgery

How you can help

Selvaraj makes Rs 200 and mother earns Rs 100 per day. They are saving every rupee they earn yet they are running short of funds and have very little time in hand. They need Rs 2 lakhs for the surgery and they have no other person to help save their son.

Your contribution can give him a chance to live his life!

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