2-year-old Veer Has Cancer And He Is Now In The ICU Fighting To Survive Heart And Lung Failure | Milaap
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2-year-old Veer Has Cancer And He Is Now In The ICU Fighting To Survive Heart And Lung Failure

“Veer’s not able to speak because he was on the ventilator. He is terrified. 5 days ago, he was fine and today, he cannot even move.”

2 years old, Veer was bouncing off the bed and running on the streets troubling his parents until a persistent fever landed him on the hospital bed, unable to breathe. This toddler has been diagnosed with cancer, and his condition is now critical.

In 5 days a fever put baby Veer in the ICU battling for life

Bhim Pawar works as a driver in Mumbai to support his wife, Jaya and his son, Veer. So far, his Rs 14,000 salary was more than enough to run the household. He never thought there would ever be a medical emergency as Veer was born a healthy child, and never fell sick as he grew up.

“In the past few months, Veer kept having a high temperature. We took him to a doctor near our house. He prescribed medicines. The fever was persistent, and on a recent Friday, it got worse. Veer couldn’t breathe. We had to admit him to the hospital.”

The 2-year-old has cancer, and he is in a critical condition

While the parents were worried that the child might have dengue or typhoid, test results showed something much worse. They were not prepared to deal with it, but the nature of Veer’s illness called for immediate action.

“Veer has cancer. There was no time to react because his lungs and heart were failing and he needed to be on the ventilator.”

An appeal for help to save Veer

Veer’s life is in danger. He needs to be in the PICU for over 15 days. He needs ventilation, chemotherapy, and appropriate medicines. Unfortunately, Bhim is unable to come up with funds on such short notice.

“This has left us feeling shocked. I could gather Rs. 50,000 for the deposit, and now I have nothing else. We still need Rs. 3,50,000 for Veer’s treatment and I don’t know where to go for so much money!”
Veer is struggling to speak. He does not understand what is happening to him. He is tangled in tubes and wires, and terrified of the needles. His cries echo through the corridor.

Your contribution can keep this child alive and give him a chance at childhood.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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