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Vikas and Thija's daughter has been unconscious for 20 days and they need help saving her

Four-year-old Vedika has a severe form of viral pneumonia that requires a special ECMO treatment so her body can receive enough oxygen. She has been in the ICU battling for her life the past 15 days. Under sedation, she has been unconscious since May 2, 2017. Her parents have been struggling to arrange for finances and need help saving their child. 

Vedika's fever turned into a life-threatening lung infection in just two weeks

Vedika is a 4-year-old who lives in Chennai with her mother Thija's family. Her father Vikas works in Kerala and travels to Chennai every weekend to spend some time with her. Every time he came home, Vedika wheedled her parents into taking her out and playing with her.

Vedika at her 'Vidyarambham' ceremony in Kerala

This April, she had her Vidyarambham ceremony – an religious ceremony performed before a child's formal education. She had started learning her letters and was to prepare for school. But in the third week of April, she started feeling very sick and developed viral fever.  

Vedika had a high fever and given her history of having epileptic seizures, Thija immediately took her to the doctors. On April 29, she was admitted in the hospital. But instead of getting better she developed pneumonia and the doctors recommended that she be taken to a bigger hospital. 

Keenly aware of how vulnerable epilepsy made her daughter, Thija is a protective parent. When they saw her condition worsen instead of getting better, for Thija and Vikas it was a nightmare come true. “We made sure she got timely medical attention and did everything the doctor said. But when she is still not better, we feel very lost. We don't know what else we can do,” says Thija. 

Vedika getting ECMO treatment which gives her extensive oxygen support so she can fight her lung infection

On May 3, Vedika was admitted to Child Trust Hospital and since then she has been heavily sedated and been under Oxygen support. Her condition did not get better. Ready to do anything to save their child, Thija and Vikas shifted her to Apollo Children's Hospital. Vedika has been fighting for her life since then. 

“Our child shouldn't be punished because we couldn't arrange the money”

Thija works in an IT company in Chennai and Vikas works for a construction company in Kerala. What they make together in one month is what it costs to keep their daughter in ICU for a day. But despite their fears for funds, they are desperately trying to focus on what is really important to them right now –their daughter's treatment. 

Before she became sick, Vedika was a happy, energetic child

“We have managed to take a few big loans and arranged some money, but we don't know how many more days Vedika needs the ICU. That is what is worrying us. When the money is over – how will we get her the treatment? Our daughter's life is at stake and she shouldn't suffer because of her parents' inability to make money,” says an emotional Thija. 

Vedika needs ECMO and other treatment till her lungs get better and she can breathe enough oxygen on her own. Her immunity will help her get better provided she gets support till then. Funds should not be the reason a child succumbs to an infection. Help Thija and Vikas save their daughter and contribute now.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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