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Despite A Heart Surgery 3-month-old Varsha Continues to Struggle to Live

Like all parents, Rekha and Natarajan have a simple wish for their baby to grow up healthy but it seems to be far harder to fulfil. Their life turned into a nightmare when they learnt that their 3-month-old baby Varsha had severe heart disease.

She was struggling to breathe soon after her birth

When Varsha was born she was gravely ill and was struggling to breathe. This news came as a big blow to the new parents since all the tests during pregnancy showed no problems with the baby. Rekha and Natarajan were very hopeful that their baby would be healthy but fate had other plans. Doctors insisted that baby needed a heart surgery to survive.

Baby Varsha had her surgery when she was just 3-months-old
. The family was desperately hoping that the worst was behind them, but the trouble was just beginning. Despite the surgery, Varsha continues to fight cardiac complications. She needs to be on ventilator support to live. She is expected to stay in ICU for another 2 weeks.

Baby needs to be in ICU for few more weeks to recover completely

Baby Varsha needs a breathing tube, feeding tube, and medicines to help her survive and get stronger. Rekha is devastated to see her baby suffering to breathe. When Rekha was pregnant for the first, she had a miscarriage in the seventh month. She managed to overcome the trauma only after the birth of her son Krithik Raj (now a 3-year-old). Varsha’s birth was supposed to complete their family, but it has only cast despair and guilt for these parents.

“For a mother, what is worse than seeing her baby through the glass door. I can’t hold her in my hands. I can’t feed her. I’m not even allowed to touch her. I feel pained to see her struggling to breathe, alone away from all of us,” says Rekha.

Father has come all the way to Chennai leaving his job for the treatment

Natarajan and Rekha are from Nagapattinam. They have come all the way to Chennai for the treatment. Natarajan is a farmer and he hardly has any savings with him. He is managing his house and regularly visiting the hospital to take care of both his children. He is doing everything he can to save his daughter.

“I’m totally unprepared for this both emotionally and financially. I was expecting to go home with my daughter but it turned out this way. I don’t know what I can do to save my daughter but I want her back home with us at any cost” says Natarajan.

These parents have exhausted all their savings and cannot afford any more

How can you help

Natarajan earns only Rs 4,000 per month and he is the sole breadwinner of his family. He has already borrowed Rs 4 lakhs from his family and friends. Baby Varsha needs continued treatment to survive and the bills are mounting. Natarajan cannot imagine arranging for so much money. He needs Rs 5 lakhs more to continue the treatment and he also needs to pay back his debts. Varsha’s condition has her family facing a multitude of difficulties both financially and emotionally. Only your contributions can help them.

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