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After Losing Her Daughter And Husband In A Span Of Few Months, This Woman Is Now Fighting Cancer

I remember how my daughter’s laughter resonated through the hospital. She was always smiling and never allowed me to shed a tear despite knowing that death was coming for her. My life came to standstill when she died of blood cancer and within 6 months my husband passed away from a lung infection.

I was beside myself with grief and I had no sense of what was going on. When I came to my senses after a few days, the pang of pain was unbearable and uncontrollable. After 2 years I gathered my strength to have a purpose in life. I wanted to fulfill Harshita's ambition to serve people. I could not be a doctor like she wanted, so I started to teach grade two young innocents in a school at Guntur. At least they could grow up to be doctors.

I began to spend more time with kids which made me feel like I am living a new life. After 3 months of teaching, I began to cough mildly. At first, I ignored as it did not trouble me much. When the weakness got too much, I visited a doctor. After a lot of tests, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. A bullet-sized tumor is growing in me.

I felt like God had cursed our family. For a while, I did not know what to do but I recalled my brave daughter who went on living in the little time that she had left. She told me that the journey was like a practical crash course in medicine about cancer. I realized that I can fight too and started the treatment with the little money that was left.

Now I need a surgery to remove the tumor in my lungs. I need 5 cycles of chemotherapy before that. I have been able to complete only 2 cycles of chemotherapy because I cannot afford anymore. We mortgaged our house and spent over Rs 30 lakhs trying to save Harshita. With my husband gone and no money on hand, it has been hard.

I cannot go to work anymore. The weakness and pain have left me confined to the bed. My sister cares for me. She is all I have left. She helped me get a house for rent near her place.

She has also spent Rs 1,30,000 on my tests, medicines, and treatment till now. It has become impossible for her to spend Rs 20,000 every month on me as she and her husband live on a meager income. I need Rs. 2 lakhs to continue my treatment. I want to soon recover to fulfill Harshita's dream but it won’t be possible without your help.

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47-year-old Varalakshmi is fighting lung cancer alone. If she doesn't continue her treatment and undergo a surgery immediately, she will succumb to the disease just like her daughter. This woman has already lost everything she valued in life. The only thing remaining is her spirit, and will to fight through.

With your support, Varalaxmi can survive cancer and make something incredible out of her life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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