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Unity in Diversity

Thanks to social studies classes in school, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to read about Unity in Diversity in India. But none of the text books could have presented a picture clearer than the one I’ve seen in last 9 months. Working as a fellow with Milaap, travelling to various small towns and villages, meeting new people every other day, is a journey which cannot be summarized in few simple words. And above all else, the more I discover this beautiful country, the more there is to explore. At present, there are 22 different languages recognized by the Constitution of India, and with very good reason. During one of my field visit to a small village at Karnataka Maharashtra border, I found myself in a group speaking 3 different languages, that too with varying dialects. I required two translators to conduct interviews of 10 people in a village having a population of around 3000.Sure there are no big shot designers designing dresses for common people here; and yet the color, variety and beauty of outfits are exemplary.20140806_090523From down south to up north, from west to east, the geography changes astonishingly, and the people adapt accordingly, further diversifying this nation.Rapar20140806_085404BhabhraAnd the most amazing thing is that despite all these diversities, we have somehow managed to stay together and prosper. Sure there are issues, but we are the people who don’t give up. And our biggest strength is our Unity.