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My Parents Are Now Left To Beg and Borrow Money For My Treatment & I am Helpless.

"I feel heartbroken that I have left my parents to beg and borrow for my treatment but we don't have any option, any means which will take my pain away. My friends avoid talking to me thinking I may ask them for money, I don't know what do! how am I going to be treated."

31-year-old Udita till June of last year was leading an absolutely normal life. She had a good job and she was earning enough to take care of her parents and she was planning to get married by the end of 2016. However,  her life took an unfortunate turn and out of nowhere, without any serious symptoms, she was diagnosed with double kidney failure. The disease has only brought a great deal of sadness to her and her family.

Due to her illness, she was asked to leave from her job. Her sickness also lead to breaking off of her marriage prospects and has left her parent's penny less. Her condition is so bad that she undergoes dialysis twice a week. The only solution left for her is to undergo a kidney transplant.

A fiercely independent girl who started earning even before she completed her graduation.

Udita was brought up in a which could only fulfill her basic requirements since her father used to run a shop and barely managed to make 5000 rs per month. She had to work really hard to earn a college education, during her college days to fund her fees, she used to take tuitions of school students.

"I did not waste any time after my college in getting a job as my parents could not rely on any one else "

She had saved 7 years of her savings for her marriage 

She was looking forward to seeing herself as a bride this year and made elaborate plans for her wedding. However, at the start 2016, she frequently started getting sick. Her sickness used to stay for more than 10 days. The doctors were unable to diagnose and used to give her antibiotics saying she has viral and she will be fine.

In June when her feet started swelling, the doctors shared a possibility of a kidney infection and suggested to undergo some tests. The tests showed creatinine levels in kidney as low as 10 and doctors announced both of her kidneys had stopped functioning. Since then Udita has been fighting her fate with her medical condition and a shortage of money for her treatment.

How you can help

Udita monthly dialysis costs come to 22000 per month. Initially, she used her provident fund for the treatment. when that exhausted her parents used all their savings. Even that was not enough, she had begged her colleagues and her relatives to help her out.

She is now in no condition to arrange funds on her own. She is extremely depressed as the cost for the transplant will be close to seven lakhs and she would require at least 10 lakhs to get her treatment done completely. She wishes to get back to work as soon as she gets fit so that she can be independent again and continue to look after her parents. Your contribution will become a great support in her recovery.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team

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